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“Into the Fire” …and the frying pan – Interview with Kelly Gorman – @KGorman8

Interview & a Recipe

Into the Fire Tour

K. Gorman & her amazing cooking skills…errr writing skills visit the Cabin Goddess! Her dream cast is EPIC! She’s on FIRE!


*bouncing on the couch* OK so like.. there I was, minding my own business when I found out that one of my favorite people (She is epic) and favorite new discoveries for my reading delight! She was on my blog for Fourth-Wall Friday (Through the Fourth-Wall & into Underground with K. Gorman & Mieshka) and it still is one of my favorite ones. I reposted her #WeeklyShorts review for Cat and Meese (short story)

"Into the Fire" ...and the frying pan - Interview with Kelly Gorman - @KGorman8



CG – Tweet the book: You are challenged to tweet a synopsis of the book to include your tweet handle, GO! (Has to fit in a tweet, I will be adding a custom tweet button at the top of post. You can and are encouraged to include #hashtags)

RT @kgorman8 Girl gets powers, sets sky on fire. Sort of. There’s two Mages & a #Phoenix involved & the war complicates things #IntoTheFire

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dIntroduce yourself to the captive audience that you now have before you. (As in tell us something NOT in your bio, give us a dirty little secret not having or having to do with your writing)

KG – I once beat a stripper in a wet T-shirt contest.

CG – Is there a genre, other than the one you currently write in, that you wish you could break into? (If you want you can – I would love it if you did – a max flash fiction of no more that 500 with the prompt of “LIGHT” since summer is almost here (Yes this could work with romance, mystery, humour, textbooks on quantum physics.. own it, title it and GO!)

KG – I wouldn’t mind breaking into New Adult or Paranormal Romance.


It was a dodgy day. Relaxed, in that there were few cars crowding the streets; tense, in the knowledge that this was Monday and that, at some point or another, one had to go to work. Fog crawled up the bay, bright, brilliant, and shining. Except for the tick-tick of my bicycle as I slowed to the stop sign, it was quiet. The water was dead still. The fog muffled. No one was around.

None alive, anyway. I was right next to the cemetery. There were, technically, the remains of 20,000 in the area.

I tried not to think about it too carefully. This was a nice, bright summer day.

The fog cooled my skin.

I pushed off down the road between still salt water and tombs, not bothering to use hand signals for the ghosts. I pointed into the sun and took my time in the turn, my thighs burning a little from the hill I’d been on a minute earlier. The fog coalesced around me. Out on the water, blowing in from Trial Island, the foghorn sounded. Within the mist, it became warm, muggy, and bright.

I felt lighter.

CG – When it comes to the genre you do write in, what are a few of the books or writers that have influenced you and your own writing (yes I can actually ask a serious question?)

KG – Charles de Lint and SM Reine, first and foremost. I absolutely adore every de Lint book that I have read, and I am a great fan of Reine’s writing style. Although I haven’t read books of their’s that are quite what I write, I really enjoy the way they wrap magic and myth into the modern world.

CG – If you could cast one of your works, who would you choose to play your main characters? 

"Into the Fire" ...and the frying pan - Interview with Kelly Gorman - @KGorman8 Mieshka

“I’m Underground, hiding in a dark shopping mall with a mob of angry people after me.”

Although I’m unfamiliar with Paige Howe’s work, she looks like I’ve pictured Mieshka. If she wore brown contact lenses.

She could totally pull off a mature, troubled 16-year old.



“He likes to pick fights.”

"Into the Fire" ...and the frying pan - Interview with Kelly Gorman - @KGorman8

I recently had the pleasure to watch the pilot for Halo: Forward Unto Dawn. Enisha Brewster’s character caught my eye. Although she’s a bit young, she could play a perfect Jo. Maybe if she swapped some years with Andy Lau playing Roger, we could break even.

"Into the Fire" ...and the frying pan - Interview with Kelly Gorman - @KGorman8


“Did you get into a fight…with each other?”

I have yet to see Silver Linings Notebook, but I have seen The Hunger Games. Give her some dark brown/black hair, and those blue eyes match my character description.

I’m quite confident she can pull off whatever role she wanted, and Robin is in a similar ilk to Katniss. Sort of.

Well, she ends up similar, anyway.

Em. Spoilers.

"Into the Fire" ...and the frying pan - Interview with Kelly Gorman - @KGorman8 Roger

“In my experience, very few people stop someone covered in blood.”

Andy Lau, if this were 1999. I don’t know how that guy can still look so young, but I bet he could pull off a late-twenties-something scary-as-hell mafia-esque martial-artist. No problem.

Ain’t nothing a little CGI abuse can’t fix.


CG – What is the first thing you would do if you woke up one morning to find one of your books on the NY Times Bestsellers List?

KG – I have this special happy dance I do. It involves a high-pitched, squealing hoppy-dance and I kind of jig around with it. I’d do a few laps of the house with that. Mom’s house.

The happy dance would not happen at Dad’s house. There, I would calmly stand up, find Dad, and solemnly impart the news.

Then find the nearest phone and so a vocal, electronic version of the happy dance over the phone to her. Unless Dad wasn’t home. In that case, it would be all systems go for the happy dance.

CG – Do you have any vices that you turn to while you are writing (as in what candy / snack food / drink / 80’s hair band you break out in song too when you just cannot figure out the next line to write and that bitch of a muse is off on her own hunt)?

KG – I used to drink too much tea. Yes, that is possible. When the writer’s block gets going and I get distracted (I try to keep myself focused with Focus Booster, but I don’t always think to turn it on), I have a tendency to go through Youtube videos. It’s amazing how much Jenna Marbles one can go through in a day.

Also, Stewart Copeland is amazing. I have two Spyro the Dragon soundtracks that I bust out to get me in the groove. I listen to tonnes of other music, but Spyro is always in the mix.

CG – What do you do when you’re not writing? (ie: What festive things do you do for fun? What things do you do when you make yourself have fun, and what is on the top of your list to do when you actually take two days for you (and family)

KG –  Well, I have a job which I love as a horse-drawn carriage driver and tour guide, and I attend university when it isn’t summer. Apart from that, I ride horses, watch movies, read books, and try to squeeze in the occasional video game.

I always make time to spend with family. Dad and I will watch TV together (usually Hawaii Five-O/NCIS paired with a, often older, movie.) or I’ll help him out around the house.

Mom recently took it upon herself to fall off the roof, so I’m her personal chauffeur and heavy-lifter. Mom and I are pretty close, as you might have gleaned from my happy dance behavior around her. She’s usually my dinner date when we go out. We head out to our local haunts, ditter over the menu, gossip, fuss about local government drama, etc.

I also hang out at the library a lot.

CG – If your book was a meal what would it be? Meat and potatoes? Vegetarian? A light nouveau cuisine?

KG – It would be some weird, exotic garden salad with an extra tangy salad dressing. Set on fire.

Let’s make this a real Cabin Goddess “Interview and a recipe”

CG – Create a drink (with or without booze) representing your book in name and ingredients (this could be a renamed established drink).

KG –  I ain’t no bar tender, but I’d have a good Long Island Iced Tea for this book. Sweet and tasty, but the liquor hits fairly hard. Or, at least it hits me fairly hard. I’m not much of a drinker.

Remember when you got home? You made that eggplant and I said, QUICK take a photo? Well you did and it was after you told me about how you almost lit the kitchen on fire… so, kind of like someone in your book, riiiiiiiiight? Let’s have that dish! What do you want it called?

KG – Make mine a Meal you say? Well OK!

Mieshka’s Kitchen Nightmare

"Into the Fire" ...and the frying pan - Interview with Kelly Gorman - @KGorman8

Recipe source – GoKunming Eggplant in Red Sauce Hongshao qiezi (????)

No wait… better yet

Kelly’s Kitchen Nightmare

Alliteration… boooyaaa (CG – Still laughing my ass off.. the images are from the 2nd effort, the Kitchen did not burn down)

When I go to the kitchen with cooking in mind, my mother evacuates. I don’t cook. I make war. When it started smoking, she had already disabled the smoke detectors.

I modified it by using bell peppers (both yellow and orange) instead of the tiny pepper (capsicum) the recipe calls for, as well as using one eggplant instead of two. I suspect California grows them larger than the home ones.

Also, I highly recommend using more oil than the recipe calls for. When it says “fry” it really means more “flash fry”. This is my experience.

Kelly dumps the eggplant into the five tablespoons of oil.

“Wow, it really soaked that up quick.

Should it be smoking?

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.” Kelly upends bottle of oil over wok.

My mom also stores oil in fancy bottles that she’s stuffed with rosemary. It’s pretty nice. It’s got a slow-pour pourer on.

Eggplant or aubergine is a staple in not only Yunnan cuisine but Chinese cuisine around the country. Similarly, soy sauce-based hongshao dishes are available all over China.

Two types of eggplant can be found at produce markets around China. The first is the plump, dark purple vegetable well known in the West, the second is a longer, thinner version with striking bright purple skin. The bright purple variant is more prevalent but it may be substituted with the other as taste does not differ between the two.


  • 2 medium eggplants
  • 5 sprigs of spring onion
  • 2 small green Chinese capsicums*
  • 5-10g ginger
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • Oil for frying

Using zhoupi lajiao (????) – a slightly spicy wrinkly-skinned variety of capsicum – is recommended for this dish. If zhoupi lajiao is unavailable, you can substitute with a standard green or red capsicum. Kelly used orange and yellow bell peppers.


  1. Slice off the top and then slice the eggplants into strips around 3 centimetres long. Wash and chop up the spring onion into two centimetre lengths and chop the capsicum into small pieces. Wash the ginger thoroughly and slice thinly, leaving the skin on. Peel the garlic and slice it thinly.
  2. Heat 3 – 4 tablespoons of oil in a wok on high heat and add the eggplant. Stir thoroughly until the eggplant has taken up all of the oil, then fry for around five minutes, shifting the eggplant around occasionally but giving it time to cook without being disturbed.
  3. Ultimately you want your eggplant to be browned on the outside and reasonably mushy, you will find it gives back a lot of the oil to the pan when ready.
  4. Once cooked remove the eggplant to a plate, leaving the oil in the wok.
  5. Lower the heat slightly and add the spring onion, capsicum, garlic and ginger to the wok. Stir fry them together for around a minute and then return the eggplant to the wok.
  6. Add in the salt, pepper and soy sauce and stir to mix thoroughly. Transfer to a plate and serve.

ENJOY! Oh, you can plug the smoke alarms back in now!

(Recipe source – GoKunming Eggplant in Red Sauce Hongshao qiezi (????))


  1. scooby-snoopy-garfiledOn the Rocks, Blended or Bottle and a Shot Glass? Rocks. That way I get to crunch them with my teeth.
  2. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
  3. Call a plumber, use the Duct tape or apply a hammer? Duct tape. Used to call it “Duck Tape”.
  4. Paperback or E-Book? Ebook.
  5. House of Mirrors or House of Horrors? Horrors. Less creepy.
  6. Star Trek or Star Wars, or BSG? Trek.
  7. Fireman or Firestarter? Firemen are hot. Firestarters are hotter. (CG really? Gee, wonder why you say this.. ROFLMAO)
  8. Squirrel or Chipmunk? Squirrel. Like in “Up”. (CG -Squirrels are EVIL, that is all)
  9. Snoopy or Scooby Doo and Cujo?  SCOOBYYYYYYYYYYYY.

CG – Anything you would like to add… appearances, upcoming releases, where I can find someone to adjust the algorithms for my time machine?

KG – Keep an eye out for a novella (haven’t decided on a name for it yet!) and, of course, Into the Fire’s sequel, Firebird. Haven’t decided on release dates yet. Boo!

K. Gorman

kgormansitting2resizeA Canadian university student currently studying abroad in South-West China, K. Gorman has been a voracious consumer of Sci-fi and Fantasy from a very young age. She first practised writing in high school whilst ignoring classwork, focusing on forum-based role-play games. Later, she calculated just how much time she spent writing and decided that it might be a good career move.

When not writing or studying, she moonlights as a horse-drawn carriage driver, combining her other long-time passion of working with horses with her passion for history.

Into the Fire

“I’ve got magic?”
“I’m afraid so.”

Into the Fire by K. Gorman

Secure under its Mage-powered shield, Lyarne ignores the war that has taken the rest of the country.

Inside its borders, refugees are first pitied, then assimilated.

Mieshka knows this well. Coping with the loss of her mother and the grief of her father, she keeps her head down at school and maintains a neutral stance with her new Lyarnese friend.

Things change when she meets the Fire Mage. There’s a lot more to this city—and herself—than she could imagine.

And Lyarne’s shield is not as impenetrable as the city would believe…


"Into the Fire" ...and the frying pan - Interview with Kelly Gorman - @KGorman8


a Rafflecopter giveaway

My review on her short story, which is a good intro to the book! 

I fell in love with the writer as soon as I read her piece for my #FourthWallFriday on Friday, April 26th (yes this last Friday!). I knew there was no way I was going to be disappointed even before I had read her Fourth-Wall piece from having conversations with her she was going to write a character with “flaveh”. To say she came through for me with this sweet little 24 pages of powerhouse writing is an understatement. I am in love! (Don’t worry you are safe K, I don’t think the S.Chinese government would appreciate my stanky hippie fangirl ass showing up in my own Meese-girl outfit waving my toy Mieshka around whooping! I cannot wait till I can clear a few of the books off my TBR to read Into the Fire (The Mieshka Files, Book One)"Into the Fire" ...and the frying pan - Interview with Kelly Gorman - @KGorman8 .

This has magic, guns, crazy girls, split personalities coming alive, an undercity, dirty fingernails (probably) a lot of running and tight jeans (probably) and cool names and very seedy cool characters (yes this is only 24-pages). Shazam! GO get it, it’s free on Shashwords, but I would go get Into the Fire it is still in the realm of my #weeklyshort limit of $2.99 and the story is in the back!

This gets a full five stars!

five star rating photo: Five Star Rating 5stars.png

Cat and Meese by K. Gorman

Cat and Meese (short story)

At the vague reasoning of the fire mage, Mieshka (ex-apprentice to that same mage) goes into the literal criminal underground of her city in search for a rogue elemental with a crazy past. Things would have gone well, if the crazy in Kitty’s past hadn’t come back to haunt them. This book is set after the events in Into the Fire.



Well, gonna go get the book and be awesome? Grab her Short story for a teaster, it is EPIC and I so so can see Roger being Andy Lou!


"Into the Fire" ...and the frying pan - Interview with Kelly Gorman - @KGorman8


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