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One Small Touch From… a Werewolf! @denise_mcgee joins Fourth-Wall Friday

Struggling with the smoke I decided to take a trip down to the lake needing feel the cool water I kick my sandals off and step towards the edge of the lapping waves. No smoke hangs in the air and the soft sounds of wildlife blending with a quiet conversation bounce towards me as I shield my eyes with my hand. A large man approaches a woman, his gait almost predatory or perhaps hesitant, it is hard to tell with the glare of early morning sun.  You can almost see the apprehension as both turn to each other. Oh no… should I call the police? As I turn off the screen saver a message from my calendar reminder pops up “Denise M. – Fourth-Wall Friday” Smiling, I slip the phone back into my pocket and step a bit further into the reeds to see if I can hear a bit more….

Welcome Denise McGee to Fourth-Wall Friday. Denise is part of Alexandria Publishing Group and also a lovely and talented author. Her blog features a collection of short stories and information about her light, fast-paced paranormal romance stories combining the thrill of falling in love with a dash of suspense. 


I stand on the shore of a lake, watching dragonflies kiss the surface. The faint scent of fish is tempered by the smell of grass and wildflowers. Farther along the shore an egret wades among the reeds in the shallows, looking for a quick meal. It’s peaceful here this morning. The only sound is the croaking of frogs, the hum of insects, and the occasional plop of a fish. I see why Laurel loves it so much.

The crunch of the gravel behind me lets me know I’m no longer alone. I sigh, conflicted. I’m delighted to meet my characters in person, but I like my quiet time. I’m an introvert by nature and vocation.

I turn to see who the first to arrive is. To my surprise it’s Julian.

What are you doing here?” I blurt, staring into his sunglasses. He’s dressed in his favorite t-shirt, the one with a wolf howling at the moon, and jeans.  He has a scruffy beard growing and his dark brown hair looks like a lion’s mane.

He needs a trim, I think absently, not liking the longer hair.

I’d expected Aaron to be the first to arrive, honestly. He was the dependable one. Julian, not so much. Besides, I’d deleted Julian’s entire story – intending to start it over. I hadn’t expected him to show up at all.

Julian grins at me, enjoying my discomfort. “You can’t remove me from your mind as easily as you removed me from the page.” I ignore him to slap at a pesky mosquito. I have three bite marks before I finally kill it.

Fair enough,” I finally say, more to fill the silence than to converse. And it’s not like I could argue with him. He was there afterall. That spoke volumes for his place in my thoughts.

I look past him towards the house, hoping to see one of the others showing up. Nothing.

Searching for something innocuous to say I lick my lips, tasting the nervous sweat already forming. I mean really, what do you say when you meet a werewolf for the first time? Especially one that has the issues Julian has.

I check my watch. It’s 11:10. “Where is everyone? Aaron and Laurel should have been here by now, at least.”

Julian tries to hide a grin and fails. His dimple gives him away.

What?” I ask, suspicion coloring my voice.

I, uh, told everyone today was canceled.”

What?! Why would you do that?”

I know you don’t like crowds.”

Julian! I needed to talk to everyone to get their input on the order their stories get written.

 “Wing it.”

I can’t do that! I need to make release plans, figure out when I can realistically get things done.

Oh, Denise. You crack me up sometimes. So logical. So methodical. So worried about unimportant things. Finish Knox’s story then write mine. After that, see who’s talking to you the loudest.

He laughs at me – a simple, uncomplicated sound that catches my attention drives other thoughts away.

Julian, are you….happy? How can you be happy?”  The Julian in my head is lost, angry, and hates himself. How can the one I’m facing be so cheerful?

You writers,” he shakes his head. “The complete story is there.” He taps my breastbone. ”You just need to listen to your heart and ignore your head.”

I’m confused but don’t argue.

He sighs and looks out over the lake.

It’s always the same with you. You let your head take over the words and they come out flat. Those rare times you disconnect the brain, you write 100x better.” He turns to look at me again. “You have the soul of a poet, Denise. Why won’t you let it shine instead of hiding it away?”

I’m afraid,” I whisper.

Afraid of what? Letting people see the real you? Darling, you’re a writer. The real you is already out there for the world to see.”

No, I’m afraid that no one will care to look. That I’ll put my soul on display and the world will shrug and walk away.”

 “C’mere,” he says, pulling me down to the dock. We sit, dangling our feet in the cool water. Closer to the water, the smell of fish is stronger but not unpleasant.

Writing is like this lake. If you bob along the surface in a boat, you occasionally dip an oar into deeper waters but you don’t get that full depth of feeling like you do when you submerge yourself into the water. Forget the surface and show people the depth of your soul. I think you’ll find it extremely rewarding.

Swirling my toes in the lake, I thought about what he was saying. Could I brave the depths or was I doomed to skim the surface?

Thank you, Julian. I have a lot to think about.” I stand and turn my back on the lake, feeling the warm boards under my feet as walked the long pier back to the sandy shore.

Pivoting back the way I’d just come, I run. The boards thrum with the rhythm of my steps and a large smile tugs itself from my lips. Julian is still seated where I’d left him, and his head whips around as I get closer. I give him a brilliant smile and leap past him into the water, enjoying every moment as it closes over my head.


About the author, Denise McGee

A *mumble*ty-four mother of three, Denise McGee spends her days wrangling her children, husband and various pets of the four-legged variety into a semblance of normality. In the midst of all this chaos, she also manages to squeeze in a bit of writing.

Denise has just completed her first book, “One Small Touch”, and has several more in various stages of completion.

Denise McGee



Sometimes one small touch can change your life…..

One Small Touch

Sometimes one small touch can change your life…

The last thing Aaron March expected when he stumbled onto the scene of a fatal car accident was to be entangled in a mystery featuring his favorite author, Laurel Wentworth.

Her husband – and another woman – were killed in the crash in unusual circumstances. Conflicting evidence at the scene whirls Aaron and Laurel into a world of danger.

Violence and fear turn their lives upside down. Will they solve the mystery of her husband’s death and return to their peaceful lives or will the killer have two more victims?


And in the iTunes store.

A little background on characters… 

Julian is a werewolf who accidentally killed his sister when he turned the first time. He’s never gotten over it (at least not yet). His story is still being written. It’ll be called A Touch of Redemption.

Aaron and Laurel are from One Small Touch. He’s a police lieutenant and she’s a best-selling romance writer.

Knox is a minotaur. He’s the last of his kind due to his people being wiped out by a disease that’s much like Mad Cow.

I’m currently working on his tale. It ‘should’ be done next month. Working title Touch of the Minotaur but that’s likely to change.

Fourth-Wall Friday

Ever wonder what happens if you were to break into your world build and sit down and have a beer with your main characters? I think I would love to have tea with Jane Eyre, or discuss the best way to take care of vampires with Jane Yellowstone…maybe having Susie Shotgun take me out for some Angels Tears…

Interested in being part of Cabin Goddess’ Fourth-Wall Friday? I will soon be opening up my schedule from July through Christmas and have a few limited reserved Friday’s for special Fourth-Wall Friday spots (Sign ups for July – December 2013), such as book releases and tours. Contact me at [email protected] for more info. I hope everyone (authors and readers alike) takes time peruse the archives and find out just what other authors have done and enjoy a lot of amazing world builds!

Fourth-Wall FridayAllow yourself as an author to open up a new avenue of sharing your AUTHOR PERSONA & WORLD BUILD in a unique and creative fashion.. Just take a chance, write fluidly and from within that “place” you hangout at with your muse. Or perhaps walk in the door, tuck into a corner & watch your characters get into trouble before you take a chance and talk to them…


One Small Touch From... a Werewolf! @denise_mcgee joins Fourth-Wall Friday

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