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Wildfires down the road and smoke at the Cabin #Fairbanks #Alaska

June 26th on or around 8PM – Skinny Dick’s Road fire (sorry Skinny Dick’s is a real life awesome eating establishment and I really hope it is still standing! I cannot find any info but 13 hours ago it was only 2 miles away from the restaurant. No structure loss has been reported so fingers crossed!

This is my neighborhood as of 8AM

[panoembed pano=”cd7kvY”]

A panoramic view of my neighborhood (you can see the cabin). I am standing at the top of my driveway.

At 6AM I was awoken by what I thought was a truck driving by. My first thought was, “Oh good! The highway was open…”  then I smelled the smoke heard the cat HOWLING even more than usual and realized it was a mild earthquake. I sat up and turned the light on and saw the smoke crawling across my ceiling. Instant panic until I woke up enough to realize it was being drawn in from the DIY cooling system we have going on with fans and windows.

The haze at 6:24AM

As of right now I am not worried about blogging today or even tomorrow. I am not posting. I am dealing with possibly running OUT of the hills and somewhere where I can breath safely and not be near a CLOSED HIGHWAY! Just waiting on news from Geoff and figuring out how I am going to get a hotel room with no credit card, so much for being plastic free! *faceplant*.  🙁

This is the top of the road at 8:23AM, June 27th

Updated 9:29AM

Skinny’s Road wildfire shows ‘extreme’ behavior; Parks travelers can expect delays – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Local News.

Updated 2:15PM

” The traffic conditions on the Parks Highway near the Skinny’s Road Fire have improved this afternoon, Alaska Division of Forestry spokesman Pete Buist said.

Pilot vehicles are leading traffic through heavy smoke and roadside crews fighting the more than 500 acre fire that started on Tuesday.

Continued afternoon heat and winds, however, could breath new life into the fire and force the crews to shut down the Parks Highway again, he said.

“The road situation is still grim, but it’s a lot better than it was,” he said. “If fire activity picks up this afternoon, the pilot car could be cut off and the road could be slammed shut.””

Update: 11:17 p.m.

FAIRBANKS — Traveling on the Parks Highway between Ester and Nenana was slow going Thursday as firefighters continued to fight the large, smoky Skinny’s Road Fire between Fairbanks and Nenana.

The Skinny’s Road Fire, known for its proximity to Skinny Dick’s Halfway Inn, was estimated to have reached well more than 1,000 acres Wednesday night but remained largely unchanged throughout Thursday.

Although its exact size is unknown because of thick smoke coverage, a “conservative” estimate of the fire puts it at far more than 1,000 acres, fire information officer Jim Schwarber said. A more accurate estimate of the fire’s perimeter could be available this morning.

The fire began Tuesday and was human-caused, but no further reports were given.

He said the fire had run for the Parks Highway on Wednesday night, but a one-and-a-half-mile burnout near 327 Mile helped head off the fire. It has not crossed the highway and crews are patrolling the area, keeping a lookout for any crossover.

Skinny’s Road wildfire shows ‘extreme’ behavior; Parks travelers can expect delays – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Local News.

Geoff is out of town, and though this is not as bad as the wildfires in Summer of ’04

Summer of 2004 the air quality was so bad here we left the state because the kids were having so many breathing problems

This is what it should look like (hover over the person to see street view)

View Larger Map


  1. YIKES!!! Stay safe Kriss!!!

    Sending lots of good thoughts your way…


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  2. stay safe hon. I will keep you in my thoughts!

  3. Oh man, what a mess. What everybody else said — stay safe!
    Show me some love!

  4. be safe hun! leave if you need to! <3
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  5. Kriss – stay safe and take care of your lungs 🙂
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  6. Be safe, loves you my squishy

  7. Hey, get out of there! The weather’s gonna crazy.
    Keeping fingers crossed!

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