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Me, my blog & I – an introduction & the classics (#ArmChairBEA)

#ArmchairBEA Introduction and a bit about the genre of classics!

Cabin Goddess - Armchair BEA

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging?

2013-05-03 20.13.42-2Hi everyone! Kriss Morton here! This is my first Armchair BEA and I am thrilled be here from all the way in Alaska! I live in a small community which hovers in Goldhill between Ester and Fairbanks, AK. This is the interior of Alaska and we are finally reaching summer, although a few weeks ago our “spring” was pouring snow. Monday it was gorgeous and the sun was shining and a balmy 81 degrees! What an amazing way to start the week!

Kriss and Fireweed - An Alaskan Summer

Kriss and Fireweed – An Alaskan Summer

You can find me all over, I mainly hang out on Facebook. The button above is to my Page the button here is to my facebook profile and I love new blogging friends! I am a Pinterest addict and I am learning G+ slowly.

I am warmly known as Cabin Goddess, though I used to call myself Cabin Bitch. I was trying to get into that angsty foodie blog thing happening a few years ago. Now I settle for books, authors, recipes, the occasional diatribe and of course photos and stuff on Alaska.

Blogging stemmed from being a military wife and a member of forums long ago when I started a Live Journal and Xanga blog for my artwork and geek nature (LJ) and my military wives and friends on Xanga. I maintained a website and still own the same URL since 1997, I have technically been blogging on different platforms 16 years.

The blog went from having 12 hits a day and me being excited to being moved to a new server to handle the traffic. Of course I will maintain it was not book blogging that did it, it was my Maple Bacon Donut recipe teamed with a group of Authors in my Triberr group which made this blog big (Thank you Justin Bogdanovitch). The rest is history! I blog daily, spotlighting authors in interviews, reviewing and making them shine.

I am also part of a team of two (myself and my partner Kai Wilson) with The Finishing Fairies. We are an Author Image management firm. So I have my hands in all dem cookie jars of the book industry!

Where in the world are you blogging from? Tell a random fact or something special about your current location.

As mentioned above, I live in Interior Alaska. Alaska is truly the last frontier and after moving here in the spring of 2003 I didn’t know just how much it would be. I was a pampered housewife and now that I am a divorced military wife I am learning how to live again, well have been for the last 8 years here in my place in the woods.

An interesting thing about the Interior of Alaska is this is the desert. We call it dry cold. The perfect temp is -25F for me. Summers are normal, today like I mentioned above was in the low 80’s, Our winters can get to -60F below and it does not feel as cold as I remember the -13F winter in Massachusetts with 100% humidity! Oh but it is that cold and you have to watch out because parts will turn black and fall off. Our winters are pitch black and right now the sun does not set. It is called the land of the Midnight sun and it truly is. When I loved up here in 2003 I learned there really was more than 24 hours in a day. Problem with me? I am awake till I drop and sleep during the warmer parts of summer. I think I am on Australian time now 🙂

Alaskan Dreams for the Cabin Goddess photo Alaska-CabinGoddess_zpsdb66d0e9.jpg

This blog also was a challenge I set for myself. I wanted to share photography from my walks and photo travels around Fairbanks to show urban decay. Enrolled in a class where I was required to keep a blog of this it was challenging mainly because I was needing to get up and go to school at 5AM to meet my deadline because we had no internet till 2011 here at the cabin. Oh ya, did I mention? That cabin above in the photo? That is mine! I love in a log cabin in the woods with no running water, a cat and a man and lots of free time on my hands since finishing college. Well not so much free time anymore with all this blogging I do!

Which is your favorite post that you have written that you want everyone to read?

I want them to read the review and I want them to talk to me about it, I want to hear what the think, I love feedback! I love hearing if I am way off or anything! I love hearing they were so moved they went and bought the book! My recipes? I love hearing they tried it and I love how they hunt me down and show me photos of what they cooked!


Going to take a break in the introductions and talk about today’s genre topic – Classics

Many of you regular readers have heard the story about my parents deal with my reading; I got to  to read my choice in books after I read a classic. So three of my books to one classic was what the final deal was when I hit fifth grade. (I really wanted to read my Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft books!!)

I have a ton of favorite classic books from a many of Hemingway’s to Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca. As a child I went back to Charles Dickens all the time. I think I read Oliver Twist at least 15 times. Now I get Charles Dickens from Kindle’s Serial service and get to experience Dickens the way you were suppose too. I also loved the Tale of Two Cities (another Dickens, go figure).

For me reading a classic puts me back in either my father’s wing back in his office or my grandfather’s The smell of leather, typewriter tape and manilla folders drifts back from scent memory. When I am really feeling lonely I will ready a classic. When I miss my grandfather I always read Old Man in the Sea.

What is your favorite part about the book blogging community?

It will always be the community, because that is what keeps us strong.  The problem is the book blogging community is mainly women and women have a hard time getting over misunderstandings. Sometimes it would be nice to duke it out and go have a beer. I have lost some very good friends over misunderstandings which is a shame. But over all, I have gained some wonderful friends because of Book Blogging.

Personally, the best part of this is we all have a common obsession, reading. For the most part we tend to be pretty smart, and that makes this gal happy, oh and they are nerdy… again happy! Community is the keyword here, because that is what makes it spin around and around and keeps it together! We support each other! I am mainly involved in the Indie world so community is what it is all about! (feel free to steal or go grab a button HERE)


Take a gander on Twitter and around the Intrawebs this week as those of us who are not in NYC are hanging out on the web and doing it from the comfort of our Wingbacks! Look for the hashtag #ArmchairBEA and the different graphics and badges!



  1. Hi Kriss, it’s nice to meet you! Welcome to Armchair BEA. It’s pretty fun networking with all the participating bloggers. 🙂 Alaska is SO pretty. I’m jealous you live there! I’m going on a cruise to Alaska next year, but have been to Anchorage and Eagle River before. I just love it there. Anyway, have fun!

    – Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl
    Show me some love!

  2. I want to go to BEA but that will probably never happen so armchair it may be. Do you remember how we met? I no remember what brought us together

  3. I’m too late to join ABEA but great article! Love you and love it.
    Show me some love!

  4. Jessica we met under the Viking Helm of DOOM… it had to be because of Win with Ebooks or some damn shit. I have no clue, no you and I found each other on twitter??? I don’t know all I know is you and I are like… soul mates, man!
    Show me some love!

  5. WOW, I would actually love to visit Alaska! I have a friend who lives there, and the photos she shares are amazing. There are so many place in the world I’d love to visit, but not as many as there are books I’d love to read ;)I am thinking that I’ll be spending a whole lot of time getting to know other Armchair BEA participants this week 🙂 I really should be studying – but that’s not what I feel like doing. I probably have to just turn the computer off, so I won’t be tempted to click on just a couple of more links to get to know more of my fellow bloggers.I hope you’ll have a fun week, and that I’ll get to know you better.

  6. Loved this first post which dropped into my inbox this morning. Gave me a chuckle and a full blown out loud laugh, but had me thinking too about blogging and writing and the support indies give each other.
    Great place you live in and I do love your recipes. 🙂

  7. Great post Kriss! I love that you make everything so pretty 🙂
    Show me some love!

  8. It will always be the community, because that is what keeps us strong.

    Yes, yes and yes!

    And kinda loving where you live! Nice to meet you.
    Show me some love!

  9. I’m totally not together enough to pull off Armchair BEA this year. Tried it one year and failed spectacularly! I really wish I had more time to visit and comment on other blogs.

    I love it when you post photos of Alaska and share the bits of your life. I think that makes your blog stand out a lot from those (like mine) that are mainly doing tours and reviews.

    I have no idea how Coral found me on Triberr and sucked me in to Win with eBooks but I’m so glad she did because I got to meet you and Jess and our other fabulous friends!

    (and if you want to find a community of women supporting each other instead of the fighting you were talking about (which I totally understand!) you should check out – I’m making more great friends there 🙂 )
    Show me some love!

  10. Welcome to ArmchairBEA. It’s a great event and I love getting to know my blogging friends better through these introduction posts.
    Show me some love!

  11. Rebecca was one of my all-time favorite classics…and I hope to be rereading it soon. I also enjoyed many others….for more, check out MY ARMCHAIR BEA POST

    Love learning more about Alaska…your photos are great!

  12. Yep totally. Just wondering though

  13. My hubby wanted to move to Alaska, but I was like no way it’s too cold. Now I’m wondering because at 81 your beating NY’s 60’s. LOL! I can believe how long you’ve been at this, but it’s great! I’m off to check out your recipes now. It’s been great getting to know you.

  14. I’ve only been to Alaska once and I thought it was so beautiful. I’m from Oklahoma so the scenery is totally different from what I used to. : )
    I love Rebecca as well. Wonderful book!

    Kinx’s Book Nook
    Show me some love!

  15. I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska, and my hubs wants to move up! I live in New England and HATE the humidity in the summer and LOVE winter, so maybe Alaska is the place for us! Have a great BEA week!

  16. I’m learning about a lot of new places while hopping around this morning. Alaska is one place that I would absolutely LOVE to visit 🙂

    I hope you have a fantastic ABEA!
    Show me some love!

  17. Hi Kriss,

    It is so nice to meet you. I love finding new blogs to read. Yay for maple bacon donuts! I’m going to show the recipe to my husband since he is the chef in the family.
    Show me some love!

  18. Hi Kriss — can you believe all those maple bacon donut shops closed around Fidalgo Island? And there’s only one left (no bacon on their menu: arrgh!) . . . and now the bridge is out over I-5 and bacon deliveries are delayed throughout the islands ;-( But, the one cool thing is meeting you and reading your writing about Alaska, writing, bacon, scandals, below-zero temperatures, bacon, snow, outhouses, running water, moose, bacon maple donuts, BorisK Cheeseball . . . and there is so much to look forward to. Did I mention your book reviews rock? Well, they do. Carry on 🙂

  19. What a cool blog – Bacon Donuts and Alaska all in one place! Lookign forward to reading more of your reviews now that we’re introduced 🙂
    Show me some love!

  20. I loved The Old Man and the Sea as well. Nice getting to know more about you.

    Happy Armchair BEA!
    Show me some love!

  21. Hey… I didn’t hear about maple bacon donuts before! Why isn’t that your handle??Hey….Does a ‘merican have to pay royalties to Canada whenever they say ‘maple’? Hi bloggers! I have a blog and it sucks, so ignore it!

    • But he writes KICK ASS BOOKS! Thanks Joseph, you are AWESOME.. you are the awesome in the sauce.. you are the dicktree in the sauce.. wait that sounds wrong!

  22. Awesome post today Kriss! I am jealous of you because you live in Alaska and because your blog gets more traffic than mine. Tons more comments too! I have known you for 15 years and know that you are wonderful, smart, loving, sometimes a bit cranky, and a great friend!
    Show me some love!

    • Silly I should have told you about Armchair BEA this is really fun, next year and I worked a LONG time for this much traffic!

  23. Thanks for stopping by earlier! I love your pictures in your post, I’d love to visit Alaska one day (though in the summer!)
    And get on reading GOT, I’m obsessed! My husband refuses to read it and I think he’s just silly for not listening to me 🙂
    Enjoy Armchair BEA!

    • My husband has been reading it LOL He says I should stop reading the trite I am reading and dive in! LOL

  24. Wait…Dickens…You are my long lost twin! And I would totally love to live in a cabin in the woods, although I don’t think I could handle Alaska.

    And, I was a Stephen King fan from childhood too!

    • awesome! When I found out I could get the books like they used to be in a periodical as serials? I signed RIGHT UP!

  25. Great pics! Alaska is on my list of must-see places for sure, which is crazy because I’m vehemently anti-winter, at least the way it’s done in the Midwest. 🙂

    I love that you’re able to blend your food and book obsessions together. I’m slowly trying to bring my love of art and writing together on my blog. Baby steps. Glad to be at Armchair BEA with you!
    Show me some love!

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