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a little game of “Cat and Meese” #WeeklyShorts – @kgorman8

#WeeklyShorts No. 8 review

I fell in love with the writer as soon as I read her piece for my #FourthWallFriday on Friday, April 26th (yes this last Friday!). I knew there was no way I was going to be disappointed even before I had read her Fourth-Wall piece from having conversations with her she was going to write a character with “flaveh”. To say she came through for me with this sweet little 24 pages of powerhouse writing is an understatement. I am in love! (Don’t worry you are safe K, I don’t think the S.Chinese government would appreciate my stanky hippie fangirl ass showing up in my own Meese-girl outfit waving my toy Mieshka around whooping! I cannot wait till I can clear a few of the books off my TBR to read Into the Fire (The Mieshka Files, Book One)a little game of "Cat and Meese" #WeeklyShorts - @kgorman8.

This has magic, guns, crazy girls, split personalities coming alive, an undercity, dirty fingernails (probably) a lot of running and tight jeans (probably) and cool names and very seedy cool characters (yes this is only 24-pages). Shazam! GO get it, it’s free on Shashwords, but I would go get Into the Fire it is still in the realm of my #weeklyshort limit of $2.99 and the story is in the back!

This gets a full five stars!

five star rating photo: Five Star Rating 5stars.png

Cat and Meese by K. Gorman

Cat and Meese (short story)

At the vague reasoning of the fire mage, Mieshka (ex-apprentice to that same mage) goes into the literal criminal underground of her city in search for a rogue elemental with a crazy past. Things would have gone well, if the crazy in Kitty’s past hadn’t come back to haunt them. This book is set after the events in Into the Fire.


K. Gorman

kgormansitting2resizeA Canadian university student currently studying abroad in South-West China, K. Gorman has been a voracious consumer of Sci-fi and Fantasy from a very young age. She first practised writing in high school whilst ignoring classwork, focusing on forum-based role-play games. Later, she calculated just how much time she spent writing and decided that it might be a good career move.

When not writing or studying, she moonlights as a horse-drawn carriage driver, combining her other long-time passion of working with horses with her passion for history.


What’s your #WeeklyShorts?

Weekly ShortsTHE RULES AND GUIDELINES ARE SIMPLE! – Leave a comment with your Weekly Short. Though I traditionally put these out on Sunday’s It just means the post is up and ready to be loaded up with great reads!

  • Short story (Available at Amazon or elsewhere such as a blog, or your own contribution etc)
  • Novelette or Novella
  • Anthology with a bunch of shorts
  • Post the synopsis, cover (if there is one) and where you can get it
  • make it under $4 bucks! (short on your wallet as well as your time!)
a little game of "Cat and Meese" #WeeklyShorts - @kgorman8

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  1. Hmm, sounds interesting Kriss 🙂

    I finally read & reviewed Donna’s Double-take Tales. The stories were fabulous as expected

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