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‘The Sound of Loneliness’ – it’s pretty bloody loud (5-star review)

Antagonist?… Protagonist?…or Both?…

SoundsofLonelinessfeatureIs it over? Seriously? NO WAY! The Trifecta; a nearly perfect review track-record for me… this trifecta from Perfect Edge Books and their authors presented from Novel Publicity Tours & today here on ‘da blog’,  April 20th (4-20**) What a way to end it, with such a perfectly normal book. Wait did I say normal? This book is so far from normal but yet so close to normal… am I making any sense? Ok I need visuals don’t I?

Stranger Will - glorious mind-fuckStranger Will left me feeling like I was bleeding out of every orifice, not a bad thing really but it was a walking mind-fuck. 

Angel Falls made me laugh and feel sort of guilty, like the Fireman aka English Lit department nazis were going to come and bust me for reading an urban fantasy.

Firemen of the UAF English Department photo Fahrenheit-451-photo-5-400x213_zps5c6c1985.jpg

The Sound of Loneliness is the kind of book you need a smoky glass of whiskey with a cigar back wearing my Hus’  boxers (pronounced Huz) and a wife beater with my killer fedora I bought to watch Noir movies in

This book was like finding the Hershey bar you hid in the back of the freezer from the family.. Or a 20 dollar bill in your pocket when you put on your parka for the first time in winter. It is more than just refreshing. Where others are rushing to put out the next paranormal romance, the next serial killer or crime thriller no one is writing a story that centers around good writing and a most disagreeable character who half the time I wanted to kick and the other I wanted to throw into the shower, give a good scrubbing to and put to bed with a hot toddy.

Daniel Crabtree is both the antagonist and the protagonist in this. He is his own enemy. The poor guy just is a shit-ass writer and is suffering for his art all right! I giggled at the fact he gave 5-pounds to have the horrible troll upstairs keep the original handwritten  copy of ‘Love is a Gazelle’ (which I do agree, it’s a great title.. but that is all). Craig Wallwork makes Daniel’s hubris a delight to read. Each time I picked up my kindle I found myself cleaning off the screen, as if cleaning the grunge off the window which looked into the day in the life off this misbegotten soul who is feverishly wasting away in his artistic obsession of making it as a writer.

Personally I love his abhorrence of those who cannot see the genius of his writing. Confidence is the first thing any up and coming artist must over come, I had completely forgotten about the statement of starving of self-confidence. This does not imply he has none but that he is missing the validation he expects, as in the local paper won’t publish him.

Let’s talk a tad about the theme, sound. The book really has a lovely theme in this, Daniel is woken up each morning by Mr. O’Malley singing and must keep cotton wadding in his ears… The words of his friend haunt him yet stay ignored because he truly believes his own hubris…The sound of his own scream which he does not even recognize at first. Loneliness has many sounds and the author addresses them on many levels. This book is incredible and worthy of  a read.

Warning, this book has no serial killers, no vampires, no witches, fairies, magic potions, cotton candy or virtual realities. It is one man’s reality, and a bleak one at that.

It is a solid five-star read and there are no triggers, unless the urge to curl up in your grandfathers leather chair in his office with the smell of leather-bound collections, the old typewriter and smoking a cigar is not good for you *winking* me? I like the idea of having the urge to rub a big of grunge off the Kindle to read. This is one of the books, however, I am going to order in a paperback, I think it would be lovely to dig through, even with my bad eyesight, and have dog eared on my bedside bookshelf. His writing is one I will be adding to outstanding new find for 2013.


If I could give Daniel five cups of hearty tea I would! WITHOUT any flour, just to make him feel a wee bit better! The book is a 5-STAR READ

 **yes the age-old stoner meme did not go by unnoticed  and ya this is a perfect book for you guys, it is deep, all my little hippie friends, dig in, it is perfect!

A big Thank You to the authors, Perfect Edge & Novel Publicity!

*adjusting my fedora and hitching the boxer shorts up* I want to take this little block of sunshine aka black box …*spitting the tobacco out and rethinking my props for this speech* OK …starting over without the cigar…  .. I want to take this time to thank Novel Publicity for the opportunity this month to read and review three such diverse and wonderful books. I had my mind fucked with, my funny bone tickled and my intellect stimulated. It was nice to end this month with The Sound of Loneliness when in the sea of pulp fiction this nice nice piece of folsum floated up which reminded me just how smart I am… yes I am ok with being narcissistic and know I am an elitist .. deal! Anyway, thanks! It was a delight! *sticking the cigar back into mouth with a bit of a grimace but putting the lighter back down and smirking.. some props are not worth it even if it would look cool*

About the book

Manchester in 1991 is a town suffering under the weight of high unemployment and massive government budgetary deficits that is plunging the UK into a recession.


To Daniel Crabtree, a struggling writer, it is the backcloth to his first novel, one that will see him become a famous published author. Living off mostly water and flour, Daniel has embraced penury into his life under the mistaken belief that many young artists have: one needs to suffer for success in art. But Daniel is a terrible writer. In the three years since signing on the dole, of every morning chastising his Irish singing neighbour for waking him from his sleep, and scrounging food from his close friend Henry Soperton, Daniel Crabtree has produced one short story. His heart is bereft of words as much as his pockets are of money.

The Sound of Loneliness is a story of love, and how a poor starving man chasing a dream came to the understanding that amidst the clamour of life, the sound of loneliness is the most deafening of all.

Pick up your copy of this Literary/ Urban Life/ Black Comedy through Amazon US, Amazon UK, or Barnes & Noble.



Craig Wallwork

About the author

Craig Wallwork lives in West Yorkshire, England. He is an artist, filmmaker and writer. His short stories have appeared in many publications in the US and the UK. He is the author of the short story collection Quintessence of Dust, and the novels To Die Upon a Kiss and The Sound of Loneliness. Craig is also the fiction editor at Menacing Hedge Magazine. Connect with Craig on his Website, Facebook, GoodReads, or Twitter.


Perfect Edge LogoPerfect Edge Books was founded in late 2011 to unite authors whose books weren’t “obviously” commercial. Our books tend to sit in various genres all at once: literary fiction, satire, neo-noir, sci-fi, experimental prose. We believe that literary doesn’t have to mean difficult, and that difficult doesn’t just mean pointless. We prefer to cultivate a word-of-mouth approach to marketing, and keep production as simple as we can. Learn more at

Learn more about The Sound of Loneliness‘s tour mates HERE.


'The Sound of Loneliness' - it's pretty bloody loud (5-star review)


  1. Thanks for the giveaway! <3

  2. Great post hun!! Looks like an interesting read!! Thanks for the giveaway too!!


  3. Wow great review! And while sleep-deprived and all… Nice work! I’m never that articulate when sleep-deprived… LOL

  4. *shifty eyes* I also own a killer fedora to watch Noir movies in…the rest of the time it lives as a lampshade on my weird an whacky writing room/pantry lamp…

    Wasn’t Sound of Loneliness awesome!!!! (yet also a complete mind trap 😛 )

  5. Oh I loved the cover! 🙂 Great blog post too…

    Lisa 🙂

  6. Well, it sounds interesting, but I am afraid it is going to be depressing…..
    Thanks for letting us know about this book. 🙂

  7. I take this as a good thing: “Stranger Will made me feeling like I was bleeding out of every orifice, not a bad thing really but it was a walking mind-fuck.”

    • LOL it also LEFT me feeling like I was bleeding out of every orifice” yes it is a good thing Caleb! LOLOL – I said I wrote this after NO SLEEP

  8. Ha, great review as always, AK Mamma! I’m glad the Perfect Edge Trifecta was a triple hit success, woohoo! Thanks for joining us on this tour with your infections enthusiasm and for cross-posting 😉



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