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R is for……… Repercussions and running on empty #atozchallenge

And today’s #atozchallenge repercussions are because of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream of the Day


Brought to you by 4-20

Repercussions you ask? Why you ask? Well a few reasons, one, because I am going to eat this ice cream that Geoff has so graciously gone and gotten me because I am running on complete empty. And I am lactose intolerant and out of Lactaid. So why eat it? Because, damn it!! I need this ice cream or I am going to expire. The next time you see or hear from me I will probably be discussing the repercussions of eating dairy and how I will never do it again, like some of you do the morning after a huge party you drink one to many bottles of beer off the wall…

Oh and one more reason I am eating this? Since I have not been sleeping? I have been playing catch up on work and reviews due to my brain breaking earlier in the week and this mornings UP-all night review for The Sound of Loneliness  and I needed some comfort. I do not drink, do not smoke, regular or wacky weed and I do not take anything to sleep so this morning when I finally was done with the review and crawled into the bed and …….


It is 43’F today and it is time for all the wanna be Artic Man in the neighborhood to do their laps minute daredevil and snowmachine runs  throughout my yard.  I have had a few suggestions, some nice, some not so nice…

The Answers?

“Make a big No Trespassing sign that says… “No Trespassing….Trespassers will be shot, Survivors will be shot again!” 

Take some red food dye, spread it out on the snow and put up a fluorescent sign right next to the big red stain on the snow that reads…


We had tried safety fencing, we had put signs up… I am at the point of getting a Nike Ad printed “JUST DO IT” and take images as they pile up, I am no longer helping them anymore. I do not own the property and am tired of trying to help. If they keep me awake or wake me up I will continue to go out like a crazy lady and possibly post videos like I did this morning… consider what you do people… there are…


or perhaps  R is for ricochet….It is what you do not want the bullets to do. You want them to hit their mark the first time

I want to thank Jamie Keller, my Rose Pressey Street Team Ghoulfriend for affording me some laughter and ideas amidst the anger and distress out of the asshats who find it necessary to use my front yard and frontage road, which is actually on my property.

R is for......... Repercussions and running on empty #atozchallenge


  1. Order a load of manure, and spread it 3 inches thick along that path.
    I like your UP all night reference. I kinda liked that cute girl who announced the B-movies back in the day–she was often pretty funny.

  2. It’s a conspiracy. The ice cream is making us eat it. Yup, definitely a conspiracy.

  3. bwauahahahahaha…. you guys rock

  4. Good one! I can never say no to ice cream either. ; 0 It’s always worth it.

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