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F is for FRIGHTENING!! Stranger Will by @calebjross review & #atozchallenge

black-duckyWelcome to Novel Publicity’s first ever publishing house blog tour. Join myself, Novel Publicity and the rest of the blogs us as three new titles from Perfect Edge–called the Perfect Edge Trifecta. I will be reviewing them the last Saturday’s of April — tour the blogosphere in a way that just can’t be ignored. And, hey, there are prizes!

F is for a frightening experience (and the F-word)

This review rated M for mature as in Facebook said I swear more than 89% of all my friends. I am making sure I live up to their assessment in this review, and I promise, like Catch-22, it needs to be in here. I am still going “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot what did I just finish reading? WAIT not reading EXPERIENCING?!” Now, I am going to do something different, I am going to rate it first…


Five hundred million Bottles of Awesomesauce – there is nothing more, not even bacon at this point

If language offends you … I really wanted to apologize ahead of time but I can’t! I tried to write this straight, but I can’t! I am still dealing with dropped jaw syndrome! So…*shrugging shoulders* this book would probably not be something you could handle if the occasional fuck bothered you anyway. It takes balls to take this book on! And I know a lot of you have them, so strap them on ladies and hitch them up, gentlemen and take it on, you will NOT be disappointed. Do not eat before you read, hug your children and be happy with your decision to breed and enter a world that extrapolates to the extreme ‘WHAT IF” and, what the fuck! and most importantly? Be careful what you wish for, sometimes someone really can grant your wishes, even if you didn’t mean it!

Ever read one of those books that sticks to you brain pan like duct tape on a shaved cats ass.. oh wait that may not mean something to all of you ummm OK that sticks like extra strength duct tape, let’s leave it at that! It is the foundation for a myriad of messed up bad dreams and unsettled sleep for the last week. I am deeply and quite deliciously disturbed by this. It has darkness in it, it oozes and gushes epically awesome frightening darkness. All manner of messed up people live in this town where  our protagonist Will now lives. And he is in charge of cleaning up behind their worthless lives.

He has a f-ed up but necessary job, he is a human remains removal expert. Car accidents, decomposing bodies stuck to their E-Z chairs… its.. fragrant and ripe with festive insanity. But the bodies are not there just what is left behind. We all wonder what kind of mark we will make in this world and I do not think any of you imagine it will be the puddle of decomp jelly where your fat ass fell asleep watching Jeopardy and stuffing Ho-hos in your gullet. Or spread across the scene that can be hosed away on the interstate. Give up your dreams and forget about clean underwear because it won’t matter at this point.

NOTHING I have read can compare to this except maybe the Story of the Eye by Georges Bataille. Georges may have a 21th century brainchild in Caleb J. Ross and Georges is called the “metaphysician of evil,” specializing in blasphemy, profanation, and horror.

Throughout all of this Will is dealing with a pregnant fiance whom he is trying to convince to be rid of the child of before term or if at term to give up. It is full deep imbibing metaphors to immerse your psyche in. It has dark, cruel comedy, he is pretty much a top-notch prick to his fiance and shes obsessed with the belief everything he does and comes in contact with is a health risk to the unborn child. The cleaning supplies he uses coats his clothes, the cigarettes he chain smokes, now outside for her. Well for him, because he does not want to deal with her complaining. I haven’t read a book like this, ever!

Yet, just when I hate this guy, just when I start climbing on my fancy feminist fuck-off wagon? He does something showing heart. He feels bad.. he doesn’t talk about what he has to do or what his cleanup will be. He convinces himself it is because he doesn’t want to deal with her wrath but there is a part of him that is soft enough to remember why they are together. At least that is my warm fuzzy place I have to think about so when he lights a bird on fire and I am right back on the feminist fuck-off  wagon I do not pull both guns.

My mouth is still hanging open when I think back on what I read. There is one scene that will forever be burnt into my soul, wait a lot more than one..but the first really horrific scene is a house which has a perfectly maintained lawn in a neighborhood of perfectly maintained lawns and houses, but this house? It is falling to pieces like a forgotten and neglected elderly family member. There was so many symbols seeping from pipes and filling up the basement. Melville would have had a field day with the symbolic iconography in just the kitchen alone. I.. I… I want to tell you so much but I am afraid if I do you would miss out on the shock, which like my swear words is necessary   Oh Em Gee try it for yourself, seriously! *mouth hangs open, head shakes, looks at the cat and whispers…” Seriously Asrielle, maybe I better take the squirrel in residence some folks may come after me but then again some folks may be sending me pounds and pounds of bacon!”

Now, I have to leave you here. I probably could go on another 1ooo words because I have not even gone back over in my brain what happens a bit before you hit the halfway mark, or the playing catch with one of the short-bus kids and a decomposing racoon. (do not even go there, there is no way I can be politically correct while trying to explain this. Plus, the short-bus kid? He captures the heart of Will along with me!) Just trust me. Oh and I did not mention the twisted idea of a fairy godmother who leads all this merry mayhem. I would choose her as a fairy godmother mind you she is more like Satan’s spawn of a godmother!

Stranger Will: A Novel

Stranger Will

The child he loves. The idea of a child, he’s beginning to understand, is where everything will go wrong.

William works as a human remains removal specialist, removing stains left by the dead. Whether by a bloody crime scene or a quiet domestic death, William is reminded each day of the frailty of human life. As his fiancée, Julie, nears term with their first child William becomes increasingly desperate for a way to overcome his belief that to birth is to kill. But Mrs. Rose, an elementary school principal and messenger pigeon hobbyist, nurtures William’s depressive outlook and claims to have a way to prove that William’s hesitancy to accept fatherhood is not only natural but necessary.

In this novel of impending fatherhood, an idealistic teacher recruits a pliant protégé to join her group of Strangers – a devout collection of kindred minds who have dedicated their lives to cultivating a unique idea of perfection.

But joining is easier than leaving.

Stranger Will explores the human urge to reproduce via one man’s struggle to understand his role as a father. As Rob Roberge, author of More than They Could Chew and Working Backwards from the Worst Moment of My Life, says “This is an original—unlike anything you’ve ever read before.”

Pick up your copy of this Literary/ Psychological/ Horror through  Amazon US, Amazon UK, or Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

Caleb J Ross

Connect with Caleb on his websiteFacebookGoodReads, or Twitter.

Caleb J. Ross has a BA in English Literature and creative writing from Emporia State University. His fiction and nonfiction has appeared widely, both online and in print. He is the author of five books of fiction and is a core contributor to The BookTube Vidcast, a columnist at ManArchy Magazine, and is the creator of The Burning Books Channel, a YouTube channel featuring humorous book reviews, literary skits, writing advice, and rants.


Who doesn’t love prizes? You could win either of two $25 Amazon gift cards, an autographed copy of Stranger Will, or an autographed copy of one of its tour mates, Angel Falls by Michael Paul Gonazelz or The Sound of Loneliness by Craig Wallwork. Here’s what you need to do…

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That’s it! One random commenter during this tour will win a $25 gift card. Visit more blogs for more chances to win–the full list of participating bloggers can be found here. The other $25 gift card and the 3 autographed books will be given out via Rafflecopter. You can find the contest entry form linked below or;

The official Perfect Edge Trifecta tour page via Novel Publicity. Good luck!

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Learn more about Stranger Will‘s tour mates HERE.

For the rest of this month I will be blogging with the single prompt, the prompt of a letter. Each day (except for Sundays) I will be using A to Z and all of the letters in between  I will talk about my Camp NaNoWriMo project. It is a great prompt challenge.  I will be using it for reviews, interviews, recipes and even rants, and you know I am good at rants!!

Join with me and pick a group of 5 to hop through from the #atozchallenge blog list & check out the almost 2000 blogs participating HERE. Oh… and show me some comment love too! I can admit I am a comment whore, it makes me feel really good when folks tell me they like my post!


  1. This sounds like a seriously twisted book, which you KNOW I love! So, as I said, it’s on my wishlist 🙂

    • Not on your wishlist anymore!! I had to RAK you, BABY!

      • Thanks, sweetie! *hugs*

  2. I love the voice of your review 🙂 Sounds like a book I would want to pick up.

  3. You just had to make me want to read it didn’t you. I want to. Also Story of the Eye.

  4. sounds interesting

  5. You are amazing. Thank you! I don’t always comment on reviews that people write of my books (though I always read and appreciate them, for sure), but I had to say thank you so much for such kind words. I’m really glad the darkness of the book didn’t turn you away; there’s some things worth staying for, eh?

    I promise I’m not as creepy in real life as the book may suggest. I think my YouTube channel videos shine a more inviting light on me as a person.

    Again, thank you!

    • People… THIS IS WHY I do it.. OMG thank you I am SO glad you liked it. I was a bit worried about your publisher LOL But I did not think you would have an issue with my words, and I have watched your YouTube channel.. brilliant, plus look at your photo? You just THINK twisted… really really really really really twisted!!

      • Oh, yes, the chance to interact with the authors of the books I love is why I became involved in all this reviewing/blogging/social networking stuff. It makes me so sad that there are people who seem to think authors should keep their heads down and stay quiet, because dang it, I WANT to talk to them! 🙂

  6. lol I got a chuckle out of reading this …I think this book sound fantastic, and I will definitely be putting this on my TBR somewhere very close to the top 🙂 An interesting sounding story

    • YA!! I am so happy no one has threatened to stone me yet LOLOL It was fun to write!

  7. BTW, what 11 percent of your Facebook friends curse more than you, and how exactly did you go about finding that out?

  8. You’ve got me hooked, I’ll have to get me some awesomesauce

  9. Yowza! This is some crazy stuff indeed. You swear more than 89% of your friends? Just yesterday I was looking at the thesaurus for words other than swear or curse to mean swear or curse. I got so much ridiculousness but I tried really hard!

    I hope your weekend was restful!

    Julie Jordan Scott
    Our Literary Grannies from A to Z:F is for Fredrika Bremer
    tweet me – @juliejordanscot

    • I think it’s important to note this is on Facebook and with this cool app. Oh and I only said six swear words here. So percentage wise it doesn’t even rate 1% of words written. Still lol

  10. Kriss,

    It sounds like a seriously awesome read! Currently though i can’t even catch up on the A to Z challenge and I am behind 2 letters…sigh….such is the life of a stay-at-home dad. I am hoping that my 4 year-old son will allow me the “reading luxury” again someday….lol

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

  11. Holy Moses, you sure loved Stranger Will, Kriss. YAY! And don’t worry about Perfect Edge being upset by your language. The pub house is run by one of the coolest, most free thinkers ever, Phil Jourdan. In fact, they’ll probably love your review even more BECAUSE of the profanity. Thank you for joining us on this tour and for cross-posting to Amazon and GoodReads!

    Em 😀

  12. I’m adding this to my summer reading list, it sounds creepy and epic…I cant wai


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