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B is for Branding #atozchallenge

BrandingB is for branding & behaving badly on today’s #AtoZChallenge

No not that kind of branding, but it can sometimes feel as painful. The difference is it’s not a permanent scar even if it has been known to leave a few in its wake.

brainprintI strive to learn something new every day about social media and marketing. I like to think I know more today than a few months ago when my partner and I started working together. The needed to up their game in the image department. Sure they had with and snark down. But they also had bad behavior and habits galore. Within three months we had them shining behaving as a branded package, not just a narcissistic spammy author.

I am glad I did not have some of the assholes authors we see on the boards who act all entitled and demand we “like this” “give 4-5 star reviews for that” as a client. Just because they are Indie authors and they are struggling (who isn’t these days but I will save that subject for another post) they deserve special treatment, I think not, unless you pay my hourly wage. (smile)

Even with PR people authors are acting on their own and if they have no one to guide their ways or do not to listen to the people on the boards they lose focus on their audience and respect of their peers.  They are continually posting a buy-link, telling everyone how great the book is and expecting friends and family to do the same. On the other hand there are many authors who are not behaving badly but do not understand why things are not changing or moving? They are pushing for sales and reviews and hiding behind their book covers. This is the same thing as the behavior above. If you cannot stand next to your product, how are people going to trust it? Would you take a chance on the man who only is on the phone? OR would you be trusting the person who opens the door to you and hands you a pack of coupons.

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...

Many uthors, artists and Indie performers tend are narcissistic and elitist. It is just how we are and have had to be. This is OK to a point, but there comes a time when you have to step back and find that middle ground and stop having such narrow focus. The book and the author cannot be separated. Is there an easy way to do this when your book is border-line transgressive fiction, or Steampunk Lesbian Erotica and be taken seriously? Sure, because they are a full meal deal.  Can’t just get the burger, you need the fries and drink to go with it, even if it is diet…Pepsi. By showing our client how to re-tweet and get more positive results and responses with both sales, respect and personal engagement to show for it we were able to make them shine without having them shine-on. Restructuring and teaching them social media habits or learning these on their own while still allowing theirselves to be just as bizarre and crazy as they were before. Sometimes it is just wording a sentence, sometimes it is stopping a habit altogether  The point is you want the brand to hold, to grow, to become permanent and at the same time mean as much to everyone else as it means to them.

Depositphotos_10286984_xsUse your social media toolbox. Host a Blog Talk Radio show and have other authors as guests as well as readers. Make it about the community and your part in it. Show everyone why you should be their neighbor and that they can loan their power tools to you knowing you will give them back in good condition.  Don’t be the clerk who hovers over your shoulder or peeks over the top of the changing room door. Sure, you can still put Rudolf and all the reindeer on the roof at Christmas time but perhaps forgo the musical lights.  The video says it all, you have to follow much this to avoid the curb stomping promised.

Not everyone can afford someone like myself and my partner Kai or other services to do it for them. There is no quick and easy way, there is no being a self-centered prick, the indie community is exactly that, a community. Your book and you are a combined brand which you have to work at each day. You may need to have some money to spend along with time, it is an expense, just like having a baby. It is your responsibility to get it done and do it right, and not expect everyone else to do it for you.


B is for Branding and NOT Behaving Badly

What is your B for today?



B is for Branding #atozchallenge


  1. I really enjoyed reading through your B for Branding…good article, can’t wait to read more.

  2. Great post, it is always amazing to me to see the complete lack of manners and class on social media. They persons should understand just because they are behind a computer screen does not mean they are exempt from good behavior. It not about what people can do for them, its about what they can offer people.

    Deena of E-BookBuilders

  3. Any Author that demands a review rating is not asking for a review, they are asking for an advertisement… media and manners….maybe someday

  4. Good point about, “making it part of the community.” That’s definitely waht attracted me to the A to Z blogging challenge, in fact, the chance to mix and mingle. ~Tui

  5. Not sure how I saw C before B…but this was one not to be missed! I like what you pointed out about hiding behind your book cover. So many valid points – and it’s also amazing how many authors seem to just push the buy, buy, buy posts on their fellow authors, ugh. Maybe I am anti-social, but I refuse to. I want to intermingle with other authors, and readers, and bloggers, and musicians and random interesting people!

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