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The Darkness: no.2 – HOME (#BlogFlash2013)

Home is not where the heart is…

The Darkness - a flash fiction piece - sunshine and memoriesIt has been a long time since I thought of home. This week home is the high school cafeteria  in Janisville, WI. We have plenty of canned goods and the backup generator still has fuel to spare, at least for another couple of weeks. Our last place had finally been overtaken and with our spirit broken after the “brother” was lost, we had to move on.  The Darkness was infecting the beauty of everything around me and muddying up my memories.

The tips of my boots drag through the dust beneath the rusting swing set as I push myself slowly, absorbing the cleansing light. The memories of my backyard are clearer on days like this. I can almost smell the baby shampoo in the air from the last time I pushed my brother. The soft golden curls catching the rays of sun and casting golden shadows. The only infections from these are ones of joy.

There is no blood ties to the family I am with now, no swing in the backyard I can remember using to try to launch myself to the moon in or push my baby brother that last day before it came. The Darkness consumed everything around me. Home is now a place we can be safe another night.  Where we can find solace in those who still survive. But my heart is not here, it is lost in the memory of that golden-haired boy and the dreams of flying to the moon.


Where is home for you?

The Darkness: no.2 - HOME (#BlogFlash2013)The challenge

~ March 1st – 29th (weekdays only)ch 29. ~ Write a 50-100 word post for each daily prompt on your own blog . I am choosing to write Haiku with a little anecdote or an opinion, perhaps some poetry… but definitely my opinion!

The Darkness: no.2 - HOME (#BlogFlash2013)


  1. Home is where Dmitry is (and my cats; no place is a home without cats).

  2. The description of a heart being lost in a memory is so incredibly powerful. A well-written post 🙂

  3. I’m really liking this story Kriss. I hope you plan to continue it.

  4. Great reminder that home is first and foremost about safety. Once that is achieved, love and memories can build there. Nice post.


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