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Darkness … #Blogflash2013

The Darkness

Dust blooms across the rays of sun breaking through the boards crisscrossing the windows. The smell of urine drifts over from the corner.. Chantal must have wet herself again last night. She’s surprised she didn’t herself, the Darkness was especially brutal. Thankfully she won the pool; five direct hits and no missed shots which means she gets the cup of coffee today. Matt had two hits and missed four times, which means he has retrieval duty. Considering he lost his brother right before dawn broke it will be a very solemn morning for him. Heck who was she kidding, for everyone.

It had been weeks since anyone had been lost and no one person can be held to blame but Matt’s brother who was showing off for Chantal again. Matt’s brother… she could not even bring herself to think his name. He had no name anymore, he was just part of the Darkness. Part of the blight which erased everyone’s lives and replaced them with this nightmare.

She glanced back at Chantal who was still sleeping and noticed the window above her now sported a broken pane. Mentally she added boarding it up to her to-do list. The scent of coffee began to overpower the outcome of Chantal s nightmares as she sat up on the grungy re-purposed yoga mat. Standing up she noticed a clump of dust settling in the shadows beneath the window and she and wondered who it used to be part of.


Are you afraid of the dark? Perhaps you should be!

Darkness ... #Blogflash2013 The challenge

~ March 1st – 29th (weekdays only)ch 29. ~ Write a 50-100 word post for each daily prompt on your own blog . I am choosing to write Haiku with a little anecdote or an opinion, perhaps some poetry… but definitely my opinion!


Darkness ... #Blogflash2013


  1. Brrrrrr… That’s scary. I’d love to read a whole novel about that world. As long as I was sitting outside in bright daylight. *shivers*

    • Thanks Katy he he he I do need to write it huh?

  2. That sounds like an intense world you’ve created. Is this part of your latest work or a piece of something older?

    • I have always wanted to do something like this, darkness is a creature with no body for so many people and it has been explored by a few people or at least the concept. Honestly I wrote and edited this in 15 minutes. Thinking perhaps I should pursue it!

      • You definitely should, Kriss! Especially if this is something that has always interested you.

  3. Gave me the heebie jeebies:) Great Job! Now I neeedd more!

    • OK OK! Maybe I will write a whole short story for Camp NaNoWhinMo

  4. Awesome piece Kriss!

    • Thanks Angela!

  5. Totally love it! Please write more.

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