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We are all running out of time – In Memoriam (#Blogflash2013)

In Memoriam

The beautiful sketch of the girl with wings (angel) a gold brush

~ September 8, 2010  to  March 14, 2013~

memories blaze bright

angels wings given to soon

tears run down my face

Today I woke up to my phone telling me my friend of fifteen years, Leanne Herrera, had been trying to get a hold of me for hours. One of her messages was just this:

Messages of Grief

The first message was from last night and the second was this morning. My dear friend was worried I would see the news on Facebook before hearing it from her. I found out later she had been trying me on Skype prior. Today’s prompt is running and the first thing that popped into my head when I read this was the tears which have been running non-stop down the faces of so many who hold this little angel so close to their hearts.

Leanne is also an author and I have interviewed her during her blog tour. The benefits of her first book were all going to support the medical care for Sabrina as the family is denied anything but Social Security because of the plethora of health issues. Every day has been a struggle and a gift with her. I remember Beth and my own Daughter Amanda playing with dolls in the back of a friends yard and giggling. My own daughter was married this last weekend and begins a new life. Today Beth begins a new life without her precious girl to hold.

Please help the family raise the money necessary to lay her to rest. This fund is to help them with funeral and cremation costs. Any amount is appreciated! Sabrina is loved and missed and made a huge impact on everyone who watched her grow. Instead of going to the movies this weekend, please click on the “Help Sabrina” button and give what you can to help the family worry about grieving, and not about how to pay for the funeral.

Sabrina has her own Facebook page where you can see her as she grew from birth to Wednesday evening this week. If you cannot afford to donate anything please donate your time and tweet the message below! Thank you, and remember we are all running on borrowed time, it is how you spend it and the quality you live it with. Sabrina had such a high quality of live because of those who surrounded her with love.



two  angels,  beautiful frame

How do you let go of the ones so close to your heart?

 We are all running out of time - In Memoriam (#Blogflash2013) The challenge

~ March 1st – 29th (weekdays only)ch 29.
~ Write a 50-100 word post for each daily prompt on your own blog .
I am choosing to write Haiku with a little anecdote or an opinion, perhaps some poetry… but definitely my opinion!


 We are all running out of time - In Memoriam (#Blogflash2013)


  1. She is so beautiful and my heart hurts for her family.

  2. Such heartbreaking inspiration, but a beautiful haiku..

  3. What a beautiful angel.

  4. Oh how sad! I can’t even imagine this.

  5. So terribly sad, Kriss. I think it’s wonderful that you are providing such support to the family.

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