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#BlogFlash2013 – Alaskan Breakup Blues (spring)

21 days, 21 one prompts, an infinite amount of ideas.. 

breakup is hard to do


Spring in Alaska is called Breakup. My yard usually looks like a national disaster hit for a month. This happened a few years ago when the Yukon melted to fast and rose over 34-feet in less than a week. Chinook winds blew through a few days ago here and it was warmer than Florida. This year with all the snow fall, I am going to be swimming to the car. For today’s #Blogflash2013 I re-wrote a song for you.

Alaskan Breakup Blues

(Sung to the tune of Breaking Up is Hard To Do)

Don’t take your snow-studs away from me

Don’t you leave my yard in disarray
When you go my mukluks are blue
‘Cause Breakup is hard to do!


-50clubWinter lover you kept me cold all night
Blowing snow to make my nights all bright
Think of all the scrub pines you made look so good
Breakup is hard to do


buried in snowI know Spring Break-Up is hard to do
Yes I’m telling you it is definitely true
Now I wish we were not at an end
Instead of Breakup I wish it was snowing again


Springfest 2012 - Mud VolleyballMr. Snowman, don’t say goodbye
Can’t we give our winter wonderland another try
Come on baby blow the Chinook away
‘Cause Breakup is hard to do


Spring lasts two-weeks here in Alaska. I arrived here ten years ago this spring. My introduction to Alaskan Breakup was stepping out of my new car after driving seven days with two cats and two kids while following the minivan pulling a 15-foot trailer full of part of our household goods. At least my ex-husband had the babies and the eldest girl who never stopped talking…

What is your favorite season? Many love Spring because of new beginnings and Peeps.. yes indeed Peeps!

#BlogFlash2013 - Alaskan Breakup Blues (spring)The challenge

~ March 1st – 29th (weekdays only)ch 29.
~ Write a 50-100 word post for each daily prompt on your own blog .
I am choosing to write Haiku each day pertaining to the prompt plus a little anecdote or opinion.


#BlogFlash2013 - Alaskan Breakup Blues (spring)


  1. You moved to Alaska a year after I moved to Georgia! Heh. Anyway, I used to love fall, because of the colors and the scents, but now I’m a summer gal. I love to be warm! But the spring is nice, too, because we have some jasmine in the backyard and I love to smell it, and I love May/June because I like to sit in the back in the evening and watch the fireflies! The only season I don’t much care for it winter, ’cause I don’t like to be COLD! Guess I wouldn’t do too well in Alaska! LOL

  2. I love hearing about life in Alaska. I learn so many new things reading your blog.

    I like different things about each season and I dislike different things about each season. Nothing ever really seems to keep me happy for long so I guess that is why we just keep moving through them.

  3. That definitely sounds incredibly intense. Have you developed some tricks after living there for all those years? Hope it’s relatively easy for you this year!

  4. Sounds like a challenge living there! Great job!


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