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The light turns green with Andrew Clawson (Interview & a recipe)

Hey Andrew, glad you could stop by the Cabin on President’s Day. With both of your thrilling mystery’s it is a perfect day to visit! Did you see the interview earlier? I had the author of Hilly Billy serial killer, what is more American than that? And now you? How about you introduce yourself to the captive audience that you now have before you. (As in tell us something NOT in your bio, give us a dirty little secret not having or having to do with your writing)

Andrew – The truth is that I don’t write my own stories. I have a string that I wave above the keyboard, and my black cat chases it around. For some strange reason, his little paws type out complete chapters as he scrambles, and after a few weeks he’s crafted an entire tale (or tail, in his case). So, I actually have very little to do with creating my books. It’s all thanks to Graham the cat. And before you ask, I split any money we make 50/50. The little guy has a serious appetite for treats.

Andrew Clawson is the author of two books, A Patriot's Betrayal and The Crowns Vengeance. He lives in Pennsylvania, where he enjoys reading works of fiction and writing as much as possible. You can learn more about Andrew and his upcoming novels at his website,

Meet the Author

Andrew Clawson is the author of two books, A Patriot’s Betrayal and The Crowns Vengeance. He lives in Pennsylvania, where he enjoys reading works of fiction and writing as much as possible.

You can learn more about Andrew and his upcoming novels at his website,



Cabin Goddess – Is there a genre, other than the one you currently write in, that you wish you could break into? (if you want you can – I would love it if you did – a max flash fiction of no more that 500-word with the prompt of “darkness” (yes this could work with romance, mystery, humour, textbooks on quantum physics.. own it and GO!)

The Light Turns Green

The light turns green, but no one moves. Exhaust fills the air, precision-crafted metal rumbles as the sun beats down. My hands grip the polished wood. Ahead, someone is texting. She’s not paying attention as a single horn blares. I glance left, eyes narrowed at a young mother who pushes a stroller over the pristine sidewalk, designer sunglasses on her surgically sculpted nose. As I wallow in this paradise, a part of the city with more trophy wives than street signs, the visions return.

Twin barrel .50 machine guns slide from the hood. Fire erupts as hot lead pierces the German steel in front, the oblivious texter ripped to shreds. A metal corpse now sits in my path. No matter. The grenades roll out and blow the twisted hulk of debris through the air, my engine roaring, rubber on the hot asphalt as I tear forward, the light still green.

Eyelids slam down, and the image shifts. The light is not green. The machine guns are gone, and the girl is still texting, obnoxious music filling the air in this pristine enclave of suburban misery. As I adjust the climate-controlled interior, a thought flashes into existence. Am I the only one who feels this way? Or does this happen to others, these desires that rampage through my otherwise peaceful soul? For I alone know how close I have come, how thin the line is between civilized man and the destruction of a crazed lunatic. This thought makes me shudder.

There is a darkness in us all. The question is not if night will fall, but when.

The darkness will consume us. It is only a matter of time.

The light turns green.

Cabin Goddess – OK that was pretty freaking awesome flash fiction! Within your own genre, what writers and books influenced you and your books?

Andrew – I try to write stories that I would like to read. Books that mix a rollicking tale with factual background, stories that blur the line between fact and fiction. As such, I’ve long had an admiration for the writings of Ted Bell and Steve Berry. I also like to laugh,  and enjoy a writer who doesn’t take their work too seriously. For that, I’ve found there is no one better than Terry Pratchett. It’s this grey area I shoot for, and it is these men who I feel have hit the nail on the head, have crafted a brew that hits all the right notes as you drink in the tale.

Cabin Goddess – If you could cast one of your works, who would you choose to play your main characters? (some have a huge cast, so say no more than five, I am thinking many would be able to do at least one, you do have one character right?)

Chris Evans

Andrew For Parker Chase, I’d have to choose Chris Evans. I know most of his roles cast him as a carefree, easygoing guy who can still kick butt, and I feel Parker is one very relaxed dude. However, he can rise to the challenge when necessary, answer the bell if you will, and Evans has that combination of outgoing charisma and underlying toughness that epitomize this character.

casting-domino-590For Erika Carr, my choice would be Kiera Knightly. She has the presence on screen to command respect, which is a major component of what makes Erika so interesting, and she’s a knockout, the second pre-req. Beautiful and brilliant, and pretty handy with a weapon (see Domino and King Arthur).


Cabin Goddess –  Write one line you would love for him/her to say from your book.

Andrew – I’d have to do some serious re-writing, because my girlfriend just told me that all of my jokes are lame. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Cabin Goddess – What is the first thing you would do if you woke up one morning to find one of your books on the NY Times Bestsellers List?

Andrew – Figure out exactly how many books it takes to get there and share it on my blog. I’ve always wondered about that. Then I’d start writing like a mad man to get more titles out there. As I sipped on a cold beer or four to celebrate, of course.

Cabin Goddess -Do you have any vices that you turn to while you are writing (as in what candy / snack food / drink / 80’s hair band you break out in song too when you just cannot figure out the next line to write and that bitch of a muse is off on her own hunt)?

Andrew – I’ll stand up and pace around the house. I find if I sit for too long at the computer, my mind gets fried. 5 minutes of staring at something not digital does wonders for the creativity.

Cabin Goddess – What do you do when you’re not writing? (what festive things do you do for fun? What things do you do when you make yourself have fun, and what is on the top of your list to do when you actually take two days for you (and family)

Andrew –  I love to read books, and ever since I’ve started writing, the amount of reading I do for pleasure has plummeted. Lying on the couch with a book is a true pleasure. Of course, getting out and trying a new craft beer is high on the list. If I can do it in the sun with some friends, all the better. If I had two whole days to do whatever I wanted? Wow, that’d be sweet. Probably take a day trip and explore a city I’ve never seen before. With an eye out for live music and good food, of course.

Make it an official Cabin Goddess “Interview and a recipe” 

Cabin Goddess – If it was a meal what would it be? Meat and potatoes? Vegetarian? A light nouveau cuisine? (I do a recipe with many of my authors this maybe an opportunity for you to share a recipe you think could go along with this?)

Andrew – It is with great pleasure that I pass along a recently discovered meal that I find delicious. This has something for everyone, and even if you don’t like seafood, I promise this will hit the spot.

 Salmon Burgers with Caesar Slaw

salmon iconIn a bowl, combine 14 oz canned salmon, 2 egg whites, a handful of cilantro (or parsley), zest of 1 lemon, 2 chopped garlic cloves, 3 handfuls of bread crumbs, lots of black pepper and a little salt. Form 4 large patties (I usually make 2).

Juice the lemon into a salad bowl. Add 1 chopped garlic clove, 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard and 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce. Whisk in ¼ cup EVOO and a few handfuls of Pecorino Romano cheese. Add lots of black pepper. Add 2 shredded Romaine lettuce hearts to the bowl and toss.

salmon iconPreheat 2 tablespoons EVOO in a pan over medium to medium-high heat. Cook the salmon patties for 3-4 minutes on each side. Serve the salmon burgers atop a mound of the Caesar slaw.

Cabin Goddess – Figure out a drink (with our without booze) representing your book in name an ingredients (this could be a renamed established drink)


Andrew – It’d have to be a cold beer, preferably a smooth-drinking IPA with a nice bite of hops. My favorite place to start; Dogfish Head Aprihop.


On the Rocks, Blended or Bottle and a Shot Glass?
On the rocks
Coke or Pepsi?
Coke  (CG- 2nd one today, what is up with this?)
New York or Los Angeles?
New York
To Be or Not to Be?
To be. Let some other sucker not get it.
Roller Coasters or Carousels?
Roller coaster, front seat (CG- I will be the one in the back screaming with delight)
Star Trek or Star Wars?
Uhhh….pass. (CG – MAN OK I can deal with the loss of the Geek factor)
Beach or Pool?
Beach (but not if it’s too windy- sand just shouldn’t be in some places)
Duck or Goose?
Scooby Doo, Snoopy or Cujo?
The Scoobster, no doubt

The light turns green with Andrew Clawson (Interview & a recipe)The Crowns Vengeance
by Andrew Clawson
Pages: 274
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
on 12-30-2012 (updated 3-23-2014)
Amazon • • Goodreads •

For 300 years, America has been under assault, the enemy silent, unseen.

In the august halls of the Ivy League, a scholar uncovers shocking evidence of an unimaginable betrayal.

Professor Erika Carr uncovers a Revolutionary era espionage report, lost for centuries in a cache of Alexander Hamilton's private documents. Dr. Carr is stunned when she discovers the intelligence reports were authored by Paul Revere. A clue hidden within the message suggests a second missive exists, waiting to be found.

Parker Chase joins her on a journey that leads to astonishing revelations about a centuries old conspiracy to destroy American independence. On Revere's trail, they are attacked by a murderous syndicate of international powerbrokers intent on silencing them forever.

Running for their lives, Parker and Erika must outwit an invisible enemy while unraveling a conspiracy that stretches from the morally bankrupt halls of Wall Street to oil-soaked sands in the Middle East. Locked in a struggle for their lives, they fight to reveal an unthinkable secret, the fate of a nation hanging in the balance

I plan on reading both of the books and reviewing them. With my Mystery and Crime challenge these are PERFECT! Until than, I have another review coming this Thursday of a wonderful criminal mystery involving a psychotic stalker.. it is a wow story! 

The light turns green with Andrew Clawson (Interview & a recipe)

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