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A Race Against Time – Solomon’s Throne – a review

*adjusting my fedora and dusting off my leather jacket*
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A mystery across the ages, following a map, which isn’t really a map, finding the real X that marks the spot… today on Cabin Goddess a grand adventure!


Solomon’s Throne

by Jennings Wright

  • 374 pages
  • Published – Self (Jennings Wright – July 14, 2012)
  • Genre – Mystery – Thriller

After a daring robbery, Rei and Gideon Quinn are recruited by their boss to recover a lost family heirloom: a letter written by St. Paul that could rewrite the history of the Church. What they discover is that an old journal, also stolen but little thought of, was the real object of the theft. An art preservationist, Rei begins to decipher clues in the journal, and finds that they lead to a treasure: the long lost throne of King Solomon. As they embark on a treasure hunt, following the Portuguese Spice Route through east Africa, the Middle East and into India, they must rely on letters from a long dead Jesuit priest. They must also keep one step ahead of the secret militant order that carried out the robbery and is after the same goal: the prize of a lifetime.


Filled with fast paced action and having broad appeal, Solomon’s Throne is an ingenious adventure that sweeps the reader around the globe in a race against time.



Due to the nature of my schedule this last month, I was able to take my time reading this book. At first, because I am not Christian nor do I remember any of my Catholic School religion class lessons, I was a bit confused on the significance of why a letter from St. Paul would be such a significant ka-boom, but by the next chapter nothing mattered, because now it was a great and exciting treasure hunt.

Married team of a Gideon Quinn; a veteran soldier now security specialist and his art preservationist wife, Rei Quinn are called in when their very powerful boss is robbed of a very secret document and family heirloom, something which turns out to be on a secret which has been kept for the last four centuries. Thankfully their boss was smart enough to have a digital copy of this very important set of documents. The Xavier Corp and family have been the keepers of a secret that could have taken down Rome, the Vatican and all the pretty red headed birdies in the Church since being discovered over 400 years ago. If it came light in today’s world it would do more than just take out Rome, it would significantly destroy centuries of history and cause a belief system to wobble if not fall.

The book started off a little slow and since it was confusing for me I had a hard time getting into it, not because it was not a good read but like I said because I did not get it, than… varoom it took off lickety-split and around the world to catch a thief, little did they know the thief would be coming back to try and catch them.


Hey, I like the game, no hating!! Plus no one can hate Legos and there is no copyright issue if I use screen captures!

The energy and flavor of the novel  is wrapped up tight around the two central figures Rei and Gideon. Best way to explain these two is to picture Marion and Indie, first movie, but instead of an independent woman who can drink anyone including a psychotic archaeologist who has sold his soul to Satan (aka Hitler) under the table, we have a Southern Belle who can speak Portuguese  and quite possibly could top my own mother’s  OCD about bathroom hygiene,  (which proves to be a bit of an issue in South America). Instead of Doctor Jones; world adventurer and renown archaeologist with an fear of snakes, we have a high paid US veteran security specialist who works out.. a lot, but I am pretty sure they both could handle a whip about the same.. And a gun.

A blend of evil and a secret combat special force group of monks... wait that is th same right?

A blend of evil and a secret combat special force group of monks… wait that is the same right?

Now, remove the Nazi’s, insert special force-like secret society of crazy-eyed seemingly mute monks (unless seen in the distance talking into their cell phones) and you have yourself the beginnings of one heck of an adventure.

Talking to a few others they mention this book being something akin to the Da Vinci code, I disagree completely. What makes this different is the cause of this race against time from the past to the future is how the writer handles the original Xavier’s story. Just who he was prior to being a Xavier as his fortune is made up the Spice Coast back to Lisbon having a grand adventure will surprise all of you. It was a treat to go back and forth between the 17th century to today, getting to peak into a window of the past. Rei and Gideon were not the only ones I fell in love with, the original adventurers were just as enduring!

I had a hard time believing some of the things, such as a former military man being so unprepared and not owning a Multi-Tool or a flash light that wasn’t on his wife’s key chain. It did add to a lot of fun moments, plenty of times I was giggling at the antics of the Southern Belle attempting to use some middle of no-where South Africa privy and the military man wondering what in the world to do without a gun.

This was a great book, a little longer than a weekend read, which is good and it is stand alone series of books, I bought their next adventure so I can read it for fun next month!

Oh.. the treasure? Let’s just say… is sparkled and was all gold and stuff.. go buy the book and read it, I am not giving you anymore info!

 I am giving it four out five gold coins!



Jennings Wright

Jennings Wright


Born and raised in Rockledge, Florida, Jennings spent her early years reading anything she could get her hands on, when she wasn’t spending time in and on the water. She won a prize in the 6th grade for her science fiction stories.

Jennings attended the University of the South and the University of Tampa, graduating with a B.A. in Political Science, and almost enough credits for B.A.s in both English and History. She spent time over the years doing various kinds of script doctoring, business writing, editing, and teaching writing, but mostly having and raising her family, homeschooling her children, owning and running a business with her husband, and starting a non-profit to Uganda.

Thanks to a crazy idea called NaNoWriMo Jennings got back into creative writing in 2011 and hasn’t stopped since. She’s written four novels and a screenplay in less than a year, with more ideas on the drawing board. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, also a writer, and two children, and travels extensively.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book for review from Jitterbug PR  and from the author as part of a virtual book tour. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


  1. Sounds interesting! But not really my cuppa. Good luck to those who enter!

  2. Great Review as usual, Kriss. I toured this one through Jitterbug too but wasn’t totally sold on reading it until now. You have me intrigued.

  3. I loved the Indiana Jones movies and the Da Vinci Code book. I have no Catholic background but think I would like this book.

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