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Just hear those sleigh bells.. no wait, that is Silent Night.. no…(upcoming)

HAPPY  HOLIDAZE and all those Jazz Hand Gestures

Happy Holiday from Cabin Goddess

I need a holiday! It has been below forty all week going on three (yes as in -52F – the temp to the left? Not correct. Half the signs do not work in town) and that is NOT the norm here at this time so I am rather blaw about the Jingle Jangle hoHOho Silent Night… blargh festivities. So I am joining the people on vacation and going to do my thing except for special spots. I have two of those lovely stops scheduled and if I come on it will be me doing just whatever I feel like and in between, READING!! YA!! Break out the Jingle Bells. I have a wonderful post for Weekly Shorts but am saving it for the next week, from Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar‘s short story collection. Do me a favor, if you read and enjoy let me know in the comment section below. I know I sound all pitiful, but if I do not know if you like it I will not do the segment or special! I work hard to bring unique pieces and would love to know if it works for you. If not, I will sin my magic spoon and come up with something else fabulous… At any rate coming up this next week is…

Bluff by Lenore SkomalDECEMBER 27th… A REVIEW for BLUFF  byLenore Skomal‘s – a simply FABULOUS book! Plus it is a Novel Publicity Tour and has a awesome giveaway for $50 Amazon gift card or a signed copy of Bluff, which I would love to win honestly. The book, the ending? Oh I cannot spoil it…. Yes Virginia there is a cliffhanger, literally (Oh I know a joke in poor taste! So shocking coming from me 😉 –

Care for a cup of tease…

….”The tears welled up inside me, but of course nothing emerged. It had been a long time since I felt like crying, and now, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. April stood absorbed in the moment, consciously taking it all in.”….




Pavarti K. TylerDECEMBER 28thFourth-Wall Friday with Pavarti K. Tyler where a few of her characters give her a piece of their mind and The Shadow makes a bit of an appearance to set the record straight? Hmmm perhaps a bit of a tease for you to make sure you come back and check?

….” “And without her, you’ll never have redemption.” Recai’s voice rings out behind me. He steps forward but instead of the beautifully dressed billionaire, who had so lovingly reassured me earlier, appears The SandStorm.“….


There could be more, there could be just the above. I have not made up my mind. Though until the new year there will be very little for I am planning on enjoying my holidaze!

Comments, Suggestions, Bacon Recipes?
Just hear those sleigh bells.. no wait, that is Silent Night.. no...(upcoming)


  1. Sorry to hear you’re freezing your tail off! Have an awesome vacation with all of those lovely books! That’s what I’ll be doing too:)
    I have some awards waiting for you when you come back to bloggin!

    Almost as good as BACON!!

  2. Sounds like it is colder than I like there. My favorite book store From My Shelf Books had bacon candy canes for sale.

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