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All (Pet’s) Asrielle Wants For Christmas…

All Pet’s Want for Christmas Blog Hop and Giveaway

Sponsored by Vickie Johnstone (author of The Kiwi Series and 3 Heads and A Tail) and David M. Brown (author of Man vs. Cat)

All (Pet's) Asrielle Wants For Christmas...

Seriously, yes, this is it pretty easy, in fact I am sure they have taken the  hint is when I sit on top stair rung waiting for a victim I can reach that is  stupid inclined to stand under the stairs just to give me some target practice (believe me this happens more than I thought possible with these ridiculous  HOOOMans!)  all this gorgeous cat wants for Christmas is a new Tower of Doom… This stairs baiting is for the birds… oh look a bird… 

Some cats go for comfort…

All (Pet's) Asrielle Wants For Christmas...

Some can be appeased with quick, cheap and easy (they also settle for the ‘nip cut with grass, go figure)

 All (Pet's) Asrielle Wants For Christmas...

Other’s will settle for the redneck version

(fun while it lasts, which would not be for long here despite the duct tape)

All (Pet's) Asrielle Wants For Christmas...

And others, like me needs utilitarian, easy to reach, high access for the quick kill and removal of all who offend..

The Ultimate Tower of Doom

(click to see!!!)

All (Pet's) Asrielle Wants For Christmas...


Merry Christmas! Remember that children are not the only ones that want a present under, in or besides the tree this year!

Enter to win a little Christmas Cheer and follow the other Hop participants to find out what their pet’s want for Chritmas!

All (Pet's) Asrielle Wants For Christmas...

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All (Pet's) Asrielle Wants For Christmas...


  1. I hope you get your Tower of Doom delivered to the cabin, Asrielle!

  2. Awwww! Asrielle, I know you will get your desired Tower of Doom standing beside the tree this Christmas!

  3. I just love cats. They’re adorable. Just hopping by.
    Java With Jambor

  4. The tower of doom. I’d like something like that for myself! lol
    Spotted a freebie on amazon. Don’t know if you’re interested but it’s all about bacon!

    • HA I want a tower of doom too!!! OMG so snagged, you ROOOOOOOOOOOCK.. Asrielle says you rock to!

  5. Damn, I didn’t get over here until after the contest was over … *pout* Anyway, my cats are pretty happy with lounging on pretty much anything, as long as they are given plenty of gooshy food… 🙂

  6. I love the kitty seat! It’s sooooo cute. That kitty is adorable.
    Thanks for joining in the hop 🙂

  7. That’s a great Tower of Doom! Any cat should be proud of it.

    Thanks for making the blog hop rounds! Best of luck with your Christmas wish!

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