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Angel’s Heart: The Keeper (once in a lifetime review)

Angel's Heart : The Keeper by Lisa BilberyAngel’s Heart: The KeeperAngel's Heart: The Keeper (once in a lifetime review)by Lisa Bilbrey

An age old prophecy, secret societies, and an enemy she never even knew she had, Sophie Crenshaw always thought of herself as just being average. Along with her two best friends, Deva and Tabitha, Sophie sets off on what she thinks is a normal vacation. What she doesn’t know is that everything she thought she knew about who she is, and what she can do, is about to change. With the help of people who she’s never met, but know everything about her, will she be able to get control of the feelings steering up inside of her? Or will it be too much for her to handle?

Henry Chang grew up hearing the stories about the legendary Keeper of the Angel’s Heart.  In a divine moment, he’s tied to her heart forever. Will their growing love give Sophie the strength and courage to face the greatest challenge of her young life?

  • Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
  • 164 pages
  • July 2012 by Renaissance Romance Publishing



That is right, it is a romance novel and it is being reviewed here. I know, I do not like straight romance in particular straight Harlequin-ish romance novels. I still stand by this but I was told by my therapist to get through my night terrors. To get over the Harlequin Romance related PTSD I need to face my demons, or in this case the possibility of purple-prose and throbbing members. I am taking it slow, see? The genre says it’s paranormal romance. There is a promise of witches, I have a soft spot in my heart for witches, and the leading lady is an artist, so am I, and there is Hawaii, I dig the beach. Making sure I was set with a good supply of bacon, I steeled myself and made sure I had a zombie book going too so my sanity was kept in check. If things got to much, I just took a deep breath ,  put it down and read about the mindless craving of brains instead of his soft gentle touches.

Here is the thing, I enjoyed it. IF, and I mean big time IF I was a book reading wench who enjoyed pulsing members (only mentioned once) and mad passionate love being made while floating above the water, I would totally be squeeing all over my friends and telling them to go get this book and read it. Hey guess what? I have a lot of friends who love romance. Honestly go for it, read it I know you want to and I am betting a pound of bacon you will love it! It was not bad at all, seriously (mantra).. plus there was a lot of magic being thrown around, not my flavor of paranormal and stories with witches in them but it was good, even better than good.

A young woman’s heart has already been broken. Growing up in a single parent household, her father was ripped from her life. To top it off it is as if he never existed. Feeling isolated since she was little, Sophie has always lived in a world of her art. Painting her dreams upon the canvas in a world her father encouraged, she has struggled for the last year to overcome her grief. Her best friends have two completely different types of personalities, and together they have managed to balance and support each other.

One afternoon while staring at her latest work, the gallery owner destroyed her last bit of happiness and peace, by telling her to take her artwork down and get out. It was not selling and her grief over losing her father the year before, was destroying her artistic muse. Utterly devastated and deciding her career is over, she stumbles into the loft she shares with her friends Deva and Tabitha (why is it if there is witchcraft involved someone has to name one of them Tabitha…). Hearing what happened at the gallery Deva presented her with a brochure of an Art Festival in Hawaii and a vacation for all of them, she also nudged her to go using her father’s memory (guilt works).

The book took off from there and never seemed to stop. Whirlwind? Try Hurricane Sophie! Instead of buckets of paint and blank canvas to fill, she found herself at the “heart” of everything and the key to saving the world, and she found this all out in.. wait for it… wait for it… less than a day after landing in Hawaii. Filled with tears and feelings bitter sweet and crushing she must face the fact her life lived was a lie. Who knew the stolen glance waiting for her plane that the white sands awaiting her toes would begin swirling around in a sparkle of light and the glance would become one of  love, her soul mate and her infinity…  Henry.

Henry has known magic all this life and through his love, Sophie not only will have a shot at saving the world, but she may have a chance at saving her broken heart.

The writing is solid, the purple-prose at minimum, the magic is fantastical and the romance blends smoothly. The author presents a fantasy filled world mixed in with several decent character builds. A world with a protagonist who is not perfect, a bit whiny and “woe is me” but as the story progresses her self-worth swells and beats in tune with hope and destiny.  In the end Sophie becomes stronger than anyone ever could imagine.

Hold onto your seats because I am giving this a solid and strong:


Angel's Heart: The Keeper (once in a lifetime review)Lisa Bilbrey is a mom of three and has been married to her high school sweetheart since 1996. Finding a love in the written word, she started writing as a way to express herself. From the first word she wrote, she’d found her heart and soul. Always willing to learn, she’s spends much of her time trying to improve as a storyteller. She’s been blessed to find Michele Richard and Laura Braley, both of whom she spends hours every day writing with.



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Angel's Heart: The Keeper (once in a lifetime review)


  1. Aw, I am thrilled that you liked it! I’ve said this before, but Angel’s Heart is my baby, and I am very protective of it. So thank you for reading it and reviewing it. I truly appreciate it.

  2. Oh, and the header is gorgeous!

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