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My Snoopy Dance – Happiness Shared- Celebrate Community (#CCEID)


Celebrating Community at the end of Ramadan concluding with Pavarti Tyler's Blog event for Eid al-Fitr

How Do I Share Happiness

I mentioned earlier I am a Maven. If anyone has read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point you will understand a maven is the person who is drawn and pushed into sharing information. They approach the sharing of information by applying the idea of “social epidemics“. What does this have to do with happiness shared? It is everything, it has how I always have approached life, with exuberance and passion and with the dire need to share information with everyone. Many people come to me for information and I gladly share it! I even hijack questions meant for someone else and answer them! I am sure I can come across as a busy body but truthfully I cannot help myself, I just want to help. When I am really confident I feel a bit like Snoopy! I just want to spread the joy!  Even when I am not feeling very “up” I try being happy, I tend to stress to the point where I am giggling hysterically, so hey! I am definitely being a source of happiness, even if it is the focus of being  pointed and laughed at. *GRIN*

My Snoopy Dance - Happiness Shared- Celebrate Community (#CCEID)

I am almost manic in my approach to sharing happiness through out the year and throughout my own emotional states. I make cookies for Geoff’s staff once a month for their big meetings, and Geoff brings in my homemade jam and English muffins for his bi-weekly meetings with his management team. I hand-make 120 cards for family and friends and write a personal letter to half of those as well as one of those “community” letters to the rest for the holidays. I bake pumpkin pies for the local food shelter for Thanksgiving and Christmas and once a month, if I can, I bake 13 dozen cookies (my lucky number) and bring them down for the weekly baskets.

My Snoopy Dance - Happiness Shared- Celebrate Community (#CCEID)

When money is tight, I try to do whatever I can with the resources I have in the house. Like bringing sandwiches and a card to thank my Chicken Whisper for my eggs.  Creating a new wind chime out of my weird collection of spoons I got just for that purpose, but instead of hanging it up on my porch, I gave it to the crazy paper delivering cat lady across the way. I get free papers and her cats never get into my garbage!  I noticed one day she has a collection of wind chimes.. in the house so I thought it would make her smile. . Maybe the cats make them sing? Who knows! She ended up delivering muffins with my Sunday paper that week.  I get silly add  little personal touches to the food like cutting hearts on top of Geoff’s meat pasties, or making carrot roses for his stir fry.. heck I slip notes into his work pants each night before bed. Sometime it is just sharing my time JUST with him!

My Snoopy Dance - Happiness Shared- Celebrate Community (#CCEID)

My mother always said the best gift ever is the the gift of giving. It was her blessing and a curse to me. I over extend myself at times to make folks happy, not because I am a “pleaser”, (though the case could be argued of who I used to be in the past) but because I know what makes me happy and I want to do the same for others.

If you have not noticed, festive is one of my favorite words. I use it all the time and apply it to all events and goings on happening around. So occasionally I allow people to hang Christmas lights from my nose just to make them shine, without worrying about me. This can get me in trouble but I cannot help myself! Sometimes all it can be all about is the smile and sharing of all things festive!

My Snoopy Dance - Happiness Shared- Celebrate Community (#CCEID)

I fell of an edge and, as I have mentioned before, down the rabbit hole of self and indie publishing. I have made some incredibly close friends. I never thought I could over the web, but I have, and I have talked to them and plan to meet many in person (after I lose 50 lbs haha). I approach my community here online the same way I approach the rest of my life. With devastating frivolity! To the point I make myself sick *kicking the left shin with my right foot*. I approach each book, author and project as if they are the most important person in the world. Because at that moment in time, they are. Do I have too? No, but I like spreading that happiness and sharing how happy I am with everyone else, not just that author but also with the people who honor me by reading my blog. I want everyone to feel cool!

My Snoopy Dance - Happiness Shared- Celebrate Community (#CCEID)

We are, at this very moment in time, on the cusp of a tipping point within the world of self and Indie publishing. In our world we are all about making things go viral, creating the tools, and the information that can injected into our social networks.  I am so happy that I can spread my happiness and Geoff himself has accused mine of being of “epidemic proportion”! Well, come closer… I swear I won’t bite, much,  and be part of the cool kids. We are all working at being happy and making sure the world around us, in our community and beyond is wearing a smile too…

My Snoopy Dance - Happiness Shared- Celebrate Community (#CCEID)

How do you share your happiness?

Thank you for being part of my celebration these last four days. I really have enjoyed sharing everything. It has been a really hard week for me and writing these has been cathartic. Never take your community for granted. Always find a way to celebrate and find that half full glass. 


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  1. I adore your addition of snoopy comics in this post. You always bring a lightness and joy to everything you do and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for being my friend. I hope to meet you in person one day too 🙂
    Show me some love!

  2. When(oops, IF ) I grow up, I want to be you!!! You can put into words how I feel. You are amazing Kriss. I feel that same enthusiasm when reading and reviewing and even more in my sometimes upside-down life. I get all ga-ga and giddy, which is how I feel after reading this! Keep on keepin on!
    Show me some love!

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