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At least that is what came of the #SundayShorts Read-a-long creation from my grill this past Saturday morning.  I innocently was posting via instagram my food and snacks to add a little typical Cabin Goddess flavor to what is probably going to become a new once a month read-a-long of Novella and had a lot of fun. Heck any excuse to eat bacon and I am ALL over that like white on rice, or the char piece of BBQ’ed bacon in the morning! I had already made enough Bacon Popcorn for three lunch sack size snacks. I figured with a novella all I would need is snacks and one main dish, and I was right!

THE AIRPLANE CRASH SANDWICH - Charred Flesh on ToastAfter finishing the novella, which I am still debating how to review and we as a group are still discussing, at least as of 11 PM on Saturday, I noticed I had a comment on one of my photos. I love hearing people poke fun of them and considering I almost did not get bacon today, I wanted to see if I made someone hungry and in need of bacon love! Thankfully Geoff realized that only I could give him the bacon love he needed and after a brief negotiation I let him keep hte clown nose and he can wear the shoes anytime he wants, so the bacon was in play!

But Freddy B. had some concerns, and heck I do love Fred, after all he loved my pregnant Zombie-Chef I ended up winning another Kindle Fire for Geoff to enjoy his four Kindle books on and YouTube (not going there … not going there)

So, as I mentioned before my tangent I noticed a comment, and low and behold all it said was Airplane Crash.. then at my confused WHAT??????? “Um,all that charred flesh….” At first infuriated that someone would DARE DIS me and my bacon.. the Tundra Tart of all things Bacon-y good.. the owner of a slave to the  PIG! (wiping brow). Suffice it to say, I was quite shook up, but then, he explained it, Freddy B. is a vegetarian! (despite being a cilantro hater BTW)




I love grilling, and I love a good sandwich. Be it a BLT, a lettuce or tortilla wrap, glutton free, sourdough, glutton free, buns.. blended with the joy of grilling and the glory in fresh veggies!?! I am so zen when I am in the grilling zone I could not be distracted with running to get water so I washed the freshly picked lettuce with my unsweetened ice tea as I was grilling the veggies to perfection in the pan of bacon grease after cooking the bacon or”charred flesh”.

The tomatoes melted perfectly, the scent in the air divine even the mosquitoes left me alone. I added a gorgeous dollop of the minced garlic you get in a jar at the deli to the onions. Grilled them flipping flat in the pan. I took the tomato slices, which I sliced thick on top of the onions so they would not break down. Before throwing all on the grill I took my homemade mayo and blended in some California style garlic powder and yellow curry and blended it to a perfect pizzazz of a sandwich and a party in my mouth.

How often do you grill something other than steak and hot dogs? I am making grilled bacon wrapped Oreos next… 

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  1. I am so glad you had a nice party! Thanks for the funny story!

  2. I just don’t get where the airplane crash thing comes from as if that’s the only way to get charred human flesh waiting for a plane to fall out of the sky.

    • You’re right — could’ve been a bus crash or a train crash or even a Weber Grill accident, too. Accidents will happen. Grilled flesh is grilled flesh … always tastes better with bbq sauce!

  3. thanks for sharing this tips and recipe… i haven’t try this and i love to make it this way too.

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