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What to read next (Musing Mondays)

Musing Mondays {July 2}

Musing Mondays is a weekly event hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. Each week MizB asks a book related question and bloggers answer with their thoughts about the given topic.

This Week’s Muse Asks…

When you’re stuck for a book to read next what do you do?

Oh man good question this week. Hard to answer because I have a TBR pile for reviews that is threatening to virtually topple over and you can have a picture in your mind here of my thing clad feet twitching from sheer crushing blow to my virtual body.

(BTW this weeks answer is brought to you old school via my iPhone as my computer is still defragging after 6 hours. Poor Lappie had issues)

I actually had this happen last week. Five books for reviews coming up this month for tours which somehow were clustered in about 10 days. Very different books. I’m somewhat burnt out on silly bubblegum reads. I’ve had my fill of literary reads so I went for a re-read of a short story collection I’m reviewing in 10 days. Really glad I did, what a different experience the second (well third or fourth) time around. But that’s not really the answers is it?

Now that I have an e-reader I skim my shelf and look for a cover that interests me. I am a free kindle addict. Plus I have a bunch of books from my series I’ve yet to get to read because of my review schedule so many times I read a few chapters from them. When I was stuck during old school I would grab a comfort book such as a Lovecraft, a collection of French Leys, Agatha Christy or Hemingway.

So do I have a real plan? No I am just as lost as the rest of us who are book bloggers now days. I do still have my comfort reads, they are a bit dusty, I am looking at them now because I really do not feel like doing much else tonight, perhaps a good mystery is just what the librarian ordered, kicking it old school with pages that really turn and smell like my grandma’s house; cinnamon, Chanel No. 5 and leather.

Till next week, this is Kriss signing off the phone, Ciao!

But tell me hen you’re stuck for a book to read next what do you do?

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  1. I am in dire need of peace and quiet so I can read and work on my TBR mountain. I am made of fail right now
    Show me some love!

  2. I’m the same with my e-reader! Here’s my full answer:

  3. Does your blog have a new layout? I love your header. 🙂

    Love your answer.
    Show me some love!

  4. Yeah my tbr pile is ever growing and it’s hard to choose what to read next. Here’s my My musing

  5. I love the smell of books! I loved your musing 🙂

    Here’s mine:

    Show me some love!

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