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Thank You, It’s a Saturday Thing – Reveal, Recipe, Awards and Randomness

It is past midnight, now June 2nd and I really wanted to have this eloquent post about how amazing 2012 is going for me. Sure,  I have had some trials and tribulations (*cough* never use inMotion Hosting they will cause you to want to kick puppies, light things on fire and do drugs… lots and lots of drugs *cough*). But truly I have been blessed beyond all of my wildest imaginations with the most incredible and exciting group of friends, fellow bloggers, support staff, worlds among worlds, authors, people, cats, recipes, aliens, cowboys, dwarves, angel killing immortals, a few honored ghosts… oh umm sorry YES and zombies of all shapes and sizes.

Pshaw! Here I thought I would make it if only I could have a killer foodie blog with just recipes and food and snark, but nope this blog went from Cabin Bitch to Cabin Goddess with a huge scoop of books and a dash of  everything… kind of like a Graveyard Drink! I have a HUGE crew of people to thank so bear with me I will be posting the huge THANK YOU post, naming them and the random monsters and I can only hope I do not  miss a bunch of folks…oh  and no worries me thanking zombies, aliens, cats,  killers and a myriad of other random crazy things? I promise explain that random comment SOON but not this post, but soon and  I promise it will ALL make sense …again soon… And since it is nearing 2 AM I will get this finished!


Reveal … well yes there will be one, a sneak peek is in the feature image.. now now no peeking you will see it just keep your knickers on! It will be at the bottom. It is a big one for me because it is Shannon Mayer’s new book in her Celtic Legacy Series. Why is this big? Because Shannon is not only an author of one of my favorite reads of 2011, but she is now someone I consider a close friend, support staff and recently my new boss lady over at Thrillers Rock Twitter where I am the blog coordinator. (follow #thrillme hashtag on Twitter to see even more).  We are part of one of the Indie Book Collective support-groups which is another huge thing I am thankful for… but I digress getting back to what is in this post!

Recipe – yes I know I have been slacking and I promise to get back in the swing of things, I am still dealing with the fallout of inMotion hosting almost killing Cabin Goddess, both the site and me. So I am a bit behind in my review and a recipe schedule. No worries, today I have one of my favorites, which I have posted before but people keep asking me about so I am posting it here again! QUICK go make some.. right now.. you need popcorn while you read the rest, I am just that entertaining! So go make this right now before continuing to read…  ready?


-1/2 cup white popcorn kernels (they tend to have a higher pop to unpop ratio)

brown paper lunch sack

scotch tape or duct tape or even a bandaid (I have used them all!)

1 1/2 tbsp butter

fine ground sea salt (regular ol’ Morton salt is fine, but I love me some Sea Salt and mine is Morton’s!)

garlic powder

Take 1/2 cup of popcorn and pour into the top a brown paper lunch sack not unfolding or expanding. (I use large just in case they actually all pop!)

Shake a bit till they are settled flat and transfer into your microwave

Most microwaves have a popcorn button, just click that. my microwave is a 1100 watts and it pops for 2 min 15 sec on high but listen carefully and when it starts to slow down take it out. This may take a few tries to get right (you are going to not want to go to long because you will never get that smell of burnt popcorn out of the air.)

Pour into a bowl and if you are like me and much on it a lot or have a man-beast who eats twice what you do, pour another 1/2 cup in the same bag and do it again!

Put butter in your microwave safe butter-melter (see how fancy mine is?) and melt it for 30 seconds if soft and 45 if straight out of the icebox (do NOT use margarine people, that is NOT butter and will wilt that popcorn to a disgusting soggy mess. Better to just go without and it still tastes fantastic plus it is LOW CAL)

Pop a handful in your mouth and sit down to finish reading this blog post


I have been nominated by Laura Thomas over at FUONLYKNEW and by Johnathon D Allen over at Shaggin the Muse for  My Beautiful Blogger Award. I have not written my posts, and now that I have two I will be combining it into one post.. wait did I say TWO, there are THREE… anyway all three including my Versatile Blogger Award which Lynn Reynolds of LYNNARYNOLDS  of graced me with, are going into one post later today or tomorrow or Wednesday or sometime next week, it takes FOREVER to give these prestigious awards the justice the deserve. Deciding all the nominees and notifications etc  make it  worth ever ounce of time! (wait, can time be weighed? Ohh time is relative after all *smirk*) I won  another Versatile Blogger award for Alaskan Dreams – Pocketful of Snowflakes  early last month (my poetry and random grand secret ninja-like SEO experiment) from John the Aussie the author of  DUMB WORKERS. So till such time as I get everything squared away I wanted to say thank you to them publicly. All these people above be them tribemates, secret ninja sistahs, blogger buddies and random silly Aussie men whom I giggle all the time over, have a special place in my demented warm and bubbly heart. THANK YOU!

ARE you keeping track? That is TWO posts I owe you now, make sure you make a note of this, because I need to be held accountable to all you incredible people *sniffle… tiny jazz hands…a bit of glitter* I love ya, man!

QUICK wrap up and a couple of pre-thank you mentions

FIRST – these last five months have been amazing. I am no longer wanting to be a Foodie Blog, I want to be who I am, an ever changing, expanding, morphing book reviewing, recipe creating, cabin cooking, anthology writing, published authoring, zombie loving, late night reading Cabin Goddess!


My Sword - Only his love of me would get him caught dead posing with it!

Geoff, my ManBeast. Without you I would not be where I am at today. I love you with all my heart, my soul, my life force, my essence, my Chi, my bacon and … well EVERYTHING! Thank you for taking care of my while I was sick. Thank you for writing some GREAT Posts about Dystopia here.. his elitist  epic post on books here.. and bis famous zombie post here. Thank you for playing your guitar to me when I needed to calm down and relax while being so sick. Thank you for not dying of your Man-Cold, giving and letting me out your drama-queen-like behavior while being so sick and putting up with me calling you  ManBeast in the first place!  AND thank you for bringing home Taco Bell for me tonight and for all the stacks you just gave  me on LoTRO. I love you honey!

Secret Ninja Pirate Book Bloggers Society

My Secret Ninja Pirate Book Blogger Sistahs and Brothas (we finally have men) over at Book Bloggers Collaborative.

Without most of you I would be covered in either my own blood or the blood of the ass-hats over at inMotion after they ass-raped me for over six weeks. (sorry there is no nice way to put what they did). I will be writing a special post talking about just what is about and why you need to stalk the blog later this week or sometime this month! (THREE count them THREE posts I owe you!! make sure you keep the list going!)


Triberr Error Message (I SWEAR I DID NOT DO IT!)

Triberr because without them I would not have met half of you or many of you find this small quaint blog just longing to be read. Dino and Dan and one of my favorite tribe-mates whom is also one of the admins over in the bonfires, Nicole Cook. I have been there since a little after the launch and I can say even despite me breaking it all the time, despite the harrassing questions I keep posting and  despite all your growing pains, I adore you and dream of hitting the approve box every night! THANK YOUfor making my small  blogging dreams bigger.. and busier.. and bigger.

My Authors yes they are MINE.. ALL MINE!! What I mean are the authors who have taken the time out of their busy writing schedule to put for the extra effort it takes to get all the content info I need to me, for publicizing, for dealing with my insane requests, for making each review so much fun to write. For giving me review copies, for telling me thank you. There are WAY to many to list, but you can go through my reviews and find many of them. Also the guest posts are very special to me. I have some incredible ones and soon will be doing an author spotlight each week because of my love of MY AUTHORS!

One of my authors, whom I mentioned above took time out of her busy farrier and writing schedule to ask me my opinion on her latest covers. Yes see? I promised!

Shannon Mayer
has a few things on her plate. Her first series is an incredible Zombish Series. I posted a review last month on the first one, Sundered. Her second series starts with Dark Waters: Celtic Legacy Book I . She also has a collection of Short Stories called Ingredients in a Cauldron, which I did a Teaser Tuesdays on and cover reveal HERE.

Yesterday she sent me the final copy of the cover, featuring Luke, one of the brothers in this triangle of fae and magic in her Celtic Legacy Series! If you have not read Dark Waters it is one heck of great read so go get it NOW. This second book, Dark Isle, is a book that my the medievalist in me is waiting for because of a certain object she introduces our protagonist Quinn too in the last chapter. Shannon knows she gets the fifth star if she can pull it off, dealing with the specific object which if you read the book which I speak of.  Are you READY?




When evil begets evil, a choice is forced on Quinn, the one person who can see the danger. Does she save the ones she loves, or does she save the world from Chaos? As the realms of Fae and human collide, Quinn’s future has never looked so grim, or so damn impossible. 

*wiping the drool of my chin* OK man oh man, this is one HECK of a beautiful cover! Shannon lucked out in the cover designer department! You should see the cover featuring Bres! OH wait that will not be coming out for a bit *poking you with a teaser stick*.

So I have to ask. If you have read the first book whose team are you part of? Team Luke (seen above) or our dark boy Team Bres? Personally I think I want both, why make me choose. I am not a team player anyway, just will have them on alternate Wednesdays and ever third Saturday! I am sure Quinn will not mind!

What do you think of the cover?

Personally if she does not get me the book ASAP I am going to send George up to the other Great White North and kick a little farrier butt! *GRIN* no seriously I want it perfect so I am patient. THANK YOU SHANNON for letting me reveal you and thanks to all who managed to read all the way through the blog post and not shoot yourself. I LOVE YOU, MAN!

*whispering softly… I know I missed a bunch, but I have already written way to much and so keep reading… three posts right?*

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  1. You love man beast with your bacon lol awwww man beast is lucky to have you.

  2. Nice sword are you going to shave his head with it? lol

  3. YAY! Looks fabulous! I may have to steal the Banner!! ;p You rock and the reason you have to do so many thank you’s for awards and such is becaue people LOVE YOU!! That includes me, Mwah!

  4. I am just surprised there are not more awards. Your post made me grin and I was laughing by the time I was done reading. You are my entertainment and I have a question for you! How do you like your bacon??!!
    You rock girl!!

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