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Wordless Wednesday – Screw the Illuminati I have The Cabala of Cats

Today the world is overridden with secret societies! We are immersed in conspiracy everywhere we look. Well look no further, I believe this picture answers all our questions. The Illuminati, the Masons, Brotherhood of Death (now known as Skull and Bones) it seems that the true power behind ALL secret societies, founded back in 103 BCE, is based in Cyprus (ya why am I not surprised). The Cabala of Cats (formally known as Litter of Lethiferousness) have all of them in their clutches and have had them for centuries. They can be found throughout the world. Today’s Wordless Wednesday image says it all as they were caught on film during one of the last of the initiation trials (eating of three-day old tuna). The photographer of this image disappeared shortly after sending this via his iPhone and has yet to be found, however his credit card shows charges for bulk milk and fish deliveries in random drop points in front of the ally ways and back patios around the world.

Today I’m taking part in Wordless Wednesday, hosted by Create With Joy.  The Create With Joy picture for today is a brilliant example of a cat being ‘helpful’. Inspired I found the secret society image above. Since I am exposing them today I am not sure I will be around much longer. Pray for me and in the meantime head on over to see what other folks have on their Wordless Wednesday posts! (btw you really did not think I could do it without WORDS did you?)
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  1. AAAGGGGH! You’ve figured us out!
    Show me some love!

  2. Ahh… at least you did not reveal the secrets in the symbolism that the kitties are obviously displaying by their patterned poses! Happy WW to you from the most “helpful” kitties on the planet! 🙂

    Create With Joy

    • Hey if I have ANY chance of survival I MUST keep that secret!! YAA I love this so glad Donna at shared this with me giggles
      Show me some love!

  3. I LOOOOOOVE this photo!
    Not to worry…the humans will STILL remain clueless to our secret ways.
    xoxo Katie

  4. Cute! All of them look so contagiously relaxing. 🙂
    Show me some love!

  5. Show me some love!


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