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‘Temptation’ Release & Interview by Douglas Kennedy on Writing

“I always wanted to be rich. I know that probably sounds crass, but it’s the truth a true confession.” So it begins Douglas Kennedy’s stylish and rich new novel, TEMPTATION

Today marks the day that TEMPTATION launches and is available on I wish I had a great review ready, but as you know I have been sick. Dr. Man-Beast has allowed me enough time online to get some of my backlog taken care of. I tried to write a few reviews but I am just still sick enough to not be up to par to give you my wonderful witticism with krissisms abounding amass recipes of renown.. and joys of the Cabin! (OK that was WAY over the top but I have another fever spiking!) I was sent this beautiful book from the publicist an it is killing me with guilt I have not read but a few chapters. What I have read is interesting and well written, but not enough for me to judge it. BUT Judging from the COVER (haha but it is pretty!) Plus he has written some grand books prior to TEMPTATION.

'Temptation' Release & Interview by Douglas Kennedy on Writing


“Kennedy is a master storyteller, who never fails to keep you gripped until the last page.” —Sarah DunantNew York Times bestselling author of Sacred Hearts'Temptation' Release & Interview by Douglas Kennedy on Writing

“In TEMPTATION, Kennedy paints a clever, at times viciously real, portrait of man’s quest to succeed and the consequences we must face by our decisions in life.  His characterizations of Hollywood and its denizens are spot-on and provide a glimpse into a rarefied world few of us see.  Kennedy is a powerful writer with a talent for seamlessly weaving provocative themes into his captivating novels that transcend genres. with TEMPTATION he once again succeeds brilliantly.”


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