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Don’t Go Down the Bunny Trail – An Easter Horror Story

Happy Easter for everyone! I had to do something fun, so I hunted all week and found a GREAT $.99 Short Story in the Horror Genre. ENJOY! (wiping chocolate off my chin) Don’t forget to list your Sunday Short and it will be open all week so come on back if you were to busy chasing sugar crazed mini-people around the living room today!

Sunday Shorts is a new meme. The rules are easy, a short story, an anthology of short stories, a novella, or a quick weekend read that is also short on your wallet!

Please join us at our Goodreads Groupand see whats on our shelf! Also please add your link to the Linky below so everyone can easily hop from blog to blog  and read your short! This is a brand new Meme that I hope will grow! ENJOY!

Can’t fit it in on your blog? Well throw it up on your G+, your Twitter or your FB with the tag #sundayshorts  (below is last weeks check out what they were up too!)

Don’t Go Down The Bunny Trail – An Easter Horror Story

“It was something much bigger. A tall, dark shape, as big as daddy. It wasn’t moving at all. Regular little bunnies ran away fast, as soon as you saw them. Was it that other big bunny Peter Cottontail? Or was it the mean bunny…”

This is a very interesting read. Short stories are hard to wrap up tight and in my experience have a hard time ending without leaving me frustrated. David Barker is a gifted story-teller and I have experienced reading him from a critical point in one of my creative writing classes. This was the first one that had his tell-tale whammy at the end leaving you sitting there with your mouth hanging open. It still is open at this point and I will revisit the story again. Nice short 21 page read and totally inappropriate for Easter (wicked grin). No gold wrapped eggs for you, but something darker wicked and mysterious… Daddy? 

I totally recommend reading this little tale if you get a chance. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars and PERFECT when you are hiding in the guest bathroom from your nephew who had shoved a chocolate egg up his nose and currently is sitting across from your sister sneezing chocolate snot everywhere… here have another shot of whiskey, it is going to be a long day….

David Barker is a novelist, short story writer and poet whose work has been published in dozens of small press chapbooks since the 1970s. His work has also appeared in little magazines and literary anthologies in the U. S. and Europe. He writes literary fiction and weird horror fiction. David lives with his wife in the Pacific Northwest. In May, 2011, Bottle of Smoke Press published his comic surreal novel Death At The Flea Circus.  Written 40 years ago and left forgotten in a closet, the manuscript was discovered by editor Bill Roberts who made it the first novel published by Bottle of Smoke Press.
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  1. Okay do you really have to give me something else to read. You know that I am behind on my reading and now what do you do. Make me go and buy another book to read. Yes I know it is only a few pages but still do you realize how big my TBR list really is? Woman if you do not stop I am going to send my attack rabbit after all of your books, cords, and you feet! lol *HUGS*
    Show me some love!

  2. Thank you so much for adding my blog to Bunny Trail blog :). I had a really fun time writing it and I am happy that you enjoyed it! I hope you have a wonderful Easter…

  3. nice reading friends. .thats interesting story. . .,,
    happy easter. .


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