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D is for DANDELION – Eat Weeds! Sautéed DANDELION Greens

Dandelion greens could be part of some dystopian nightmare right?

D is for DANDELION - Eat Weeds!  Sautéed DANDELION GreensSome of you may have noticed that I was absent in the post earlier for the A to Z challenge from D.. if you didn’t or if you read it and thought I was being “cute” well guys.. that was the ManBeast! YES indeed he heard I was writing about either Dandelion Greens or Dystopia and he forced a PS3 controller into my hands, brought up .doc file and started rapid firing with such fervor I was a bit afraid. However upon reading it I am all warm and love this man even more. He is passionate and he nailed it. The POST is an interesting read if you have the time, hope you can check it out!

D is for DANDELION - Eat Weeds!  Sautéed DANDELION GreensD is for DANDELION - Eat Weeds!  Sautéed DANDELION GreensMyself however, I want to lay in the grass with my Objectionable Content Book, PURE and eat this yummy dish! My mom tried these out on us when we were growing up but they were really bitter. I have since discovered you can usually find these in bunches at local farmers markets, the Whole Foods in your area or Organic specialty markets!

You can also grow your own in containers with tall sides in direct sunlight.This is how I did it a few years back, with the rocks at the bottom and a foot of dirt and approximately 18 inches of clearance so the plants are somewhat protected from outside cotangents. TRUE container gardening NOT for pretty things but to make sure you can harvest young dandelion plants (which grow fast) with minimal bitterness.

D is for DANDELION - Eat Weeds!  Sautéed DANDELION Greens

Getting Your Nom On with Sautéed Dandelion Greens

After hating the idea because of my mother feeding bitter leaves I was leery to try them again, but I did and I learned to make delicious dandelion greens.  These are great in the spring and provide lots of health benefits.  They are a wonderful cleansing tonic to refresh you from the long winter of eating heavier foods.  Dandelion greens can be very bitter but if you start looking for them now through early spring, while they are very young, the bitterness will not be overbearing.  (I am talking about looking for them in your organic food store, not your lawn! Although technically, your backyard dandelions could be added to the edible lawn weeds chart.)

Making  Sautéed Dandelion Greens

Sauteed Dandelion GreensWash young dandelion leaves and stems in cold water and cut them in 1-inch pieces.  Heat some olive oil in a heavy pan and drop in some minced garlic(to taste).  Before the garlic gets overcooked and brown, add the cut dandelion greens and sprinkle with sea salt (you can also add some fresh or dried lavender, just a smattering). Sautée the greens until they are tender but still bright looking.  Finish with a little soy sauce and lemon juice.  Serve over Wahani rice (gluten free and yummy! But any other brown rice but this rice is lovely) with some small lemon wedges for those pickier eaters. Just tell them they can eat like a TRUE rabbit, it is almost Easter!!


According to the USDA Bulletin #8, dandelions are nature’s richest green vegetable source of beta-carotene, from which Vitamin A is created, and the third richest source of Vitamin A of all foods, after cod-liver oil and beef liver! They also are particularly rich in fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and the B vitamins, thiamine and riboflavin, and are a good source of protein. Check out The Leaf Lady’s page for more in depth info on this great green!

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  1. Girl, you are freakin’ me out! But, I must admit… I am very curious! Okay, I admit it. I love this post. I like to shop at organic food stores, but I can’t always afford it. One day, I plan to start a garden,; but in the meantime, I might just have to try this. Power on, girl!
    Show me some love!

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    I consider to try organic foods and organic recipes of iron rich foods, and it works, my blood results was better, so eat the natural food and try with recipes like this and it will prevent anemia.

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