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Sunday Shorts – ‘I Never’ by Bradley Convissar #sundayshorts

Sunday Shorts is a new meme. The rules are easy, a book of short stories, a novella, or a quick weekend read that is also short on your wallet! Please join us at our Goodreads Group and see whats on our shelf! Also please add your link to the Linky below so everyone can easily hop from blog to blog  and read your short! This is a brand new Meme that I hope will grow! ENJOY!

Can’t fit it in on your blog? Well throw it up on your G+, your Twitter or your FB with the tag #sundayshorts

This book I received for Free from a E-Reader News Today but is normally $.99 cents over at Amazon!

Welcome to The Tavern at the Edge of Forever. I hope you survive your experience.

Marco Conti and his three brothers, the children of Chicago-area crime boss Adolpho Conti, have been abducted from their homes in the dead of the night. Their destination is The Tavern at the Edge of Forever, an almost-mythical place where the most powerful criminal masterminds in the world gather to work out business deals and to work out their differences. A place where games are played, and where the losers usually end up dead. Marco can’t imagine what twist of fate has brought the four of them to The Tavern, but he is determined to make sure that they all make it out alive. Of course, survival is much harder when the deck is stacked against you by the Mistress of the Tavern herself.

About this author

Bradley Convissar grew up in NJ, spent four years in New Orleans earning my degree in evolutionary biology, then returned to NJ for dental school. Currently he lives in NJ with his wife, two children, and diabetic Daschund who has developed premature cataracts (a temperamental, partly blind dog and two children don’t mix very well). He always felt that you can learn something about a person based on the CD’s in their car. Well, right now he is listening to Disturbed‘s new album Asylum, Chevelles’ newest album Sc-fi Crimes, Three Day’s Grace latest Life Starts Now and Hollywood Undead‘s Swan Song. So, what does that tell you about Brad? 

You can stalk follow him here!
Twitter at @bconvisdmd
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  1. I posted links to 18 Dead, a short story in the Amazon Select program. It was free over the weekend, but is probably back to .99 today. Toward the end of April, however, I will be publishing it for FREE via Smashwords.

    My short story My Fifteen Minutes is free everywhere you can find it. It’s my most downloaded story to date – so whether you want Kindle, Nook, Kobi, iTunes, whathaveyou – you should find it free in every format at every retailer that Smashwords distributes to.

    These stories are directed toward a mainstream audience (versus GLBT audience) and are rated PG-13, unlike my longer works, which tend to be gay-themed and quite erotic.
    Show me some love!


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