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Let me count the ways…ROCK ON!

Yes this is a post about love, about my love for my man. It is your choice if you want to, but I posted some of his music online for y’all to listen too. It is obviously not for everyone but it is actually highly complex and technical, and my man’s (GRIN)

Geoff left Alaska with his buddies back in 1998 in van full of equipment and the plan to make it big in Portland. Honestly from what I have gathered they were very popular in the under ground music scene. The WE SHOULD DIE discography can be found on a vinyl. One of the band-mates produces music in a studio, another is part of several popular bands and goes on tour frequently. Many of the band-mates have gone on to finish school and get more advanced degrees but one thing remains the same,they all have roots in music and always will.

More about Geoff, my ManBeast is found at my love fest ABOUT GEOFF page.

Let me count the ways...ROCK ON!SECUNDUS tracks found HERE (blend of black/death metal)Let me count the ways...ROCK ON!


Let me count the ways...ROCK ON!


SIDE ‘A’ of Vinyl Release HERE (Grindcore Punk)Let me count the ways...ROCK ON!


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