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Springing Forward with a Sassy Sunday Scramble (Fresh Alaskan Eggs & Bacon)

Sundays usually mean Geoff is sleeping in after staying up late because he does not have to work today. Sundays are our Saturday morning, the beginning of the weekend. But Geoff swapped out getting Tuesday off so he could play Mass Effect 3 from the midnight launch earlier last week. (Which I have to admit was so much fun! Great game and we had a blast at the launch as many of you witnessed via my photo onslaught from Gamestop). So he had to go in and work closing today. So I decided to do our usual Monday brunch this morning. 

I started by beginning the frying 1/2 lb of bacon in the griddle while I pressed two pots of coffee. Geoff likes Sumatra and I am an Italian Roast girl who adds cinnamon, cocoa and cayenne pepper to the grinder for my own personal SHAZAM! and we drink a lot on the weekend.

While I let the first pot seep before pressing I quickly cut up three potatoes and continued to add the bacon. Rinsing them off and letting them soak while I pressed the coffee, took a call from Australia and added more bacon. I microwaved the chopped potatoes for five minutes so I could throw them in the bacon grease to crisp them up quickly. 

For my eggs I take very special care. I have a secret chicken connection up the road that no one knows about. My friend is kind of like Violet from Ann Charle’s Deadwood Mystery Series, she is a Chicken whisperer! She has one rooster and 8 hens who produce these jumbo eggs that are so yummy and the trick to my baking!

She streams music into the chicken coop, from her iTunes 90’s music playlist. I kid you not the dang chickens will still produce a large amount of eggs throughout the winter as long as they have some Spin Doctors, Sublime, a little Barenaked Ladies and even the occasional Sheryl Crow playing we get some fat and happy chickens giving up a nice amount of eggs each day. It is my job to check on them when they are out-of-town or the kids are not home. I am really lucky on my daily walks I go by, check the heater, their water and feed and will grab eggs if I am out there in time. Otherwise about twice a week I get my dozen and am happy as can be. The chicken on the stove for Chicken and Dumplings tonight is one of our hens from last year. 

I put cayenne pepper, and hot sauce, fresh ground pepper and sour cream into the eggs and whip them up. I keep the pan with bacon grease warm turning it up just before I add the eggs. As I scramble I add chopped onions, roasted peppers, roasted garlic, shredded cheddar and today I added some of my Maple Bacon Jam and MAN was it yummy. They turned out great and I was able to send Geoff off to work with a full belly! Me? I love my eggs and potatoes smothered with ketchup! I know I am a heathen, but hey what can I say!

*whispering in your direction* And now that Geoff is off to work, I can dig into the plate I hid behind the bread box…with the extra bacon I cooked *chewing* ya, life is good!

What are your weekend traditions? Do you snuggle with the kids on the couch? Make a special meal? Back to reading books as I eat my bacon… maybe I will make some cookies later.. just for the cookie dough *grin*


  1. Great post. Give me everything but the ketchup. Oh wait do you remember when ketchup was spelled with a “C” and not a “K”? Or wait does that mean I am old because I can remember that lol

  2. I make some kind of pancake every weekend. Buttermilk or kefir or sourdough or whole wheat or French toast (which are just pancakes in disguise). And bacon. Lots of bacon. The other weekend morning, I make eggs. Scrambled “dirty” like yours or French omelettes.

  3. Life in your cabin sounds divine! And I’m fascinated by this chicken whisperer playing music. I must tell my friends that have chickens about this post! 🙂

  4. Sounds like you love peppers – cayenne even in your coffee?? never heard of that before.

    There is so much you can do with eggs and what you put with it.

    I do have scrambled eggs fairly often, with organic eggs, so sounds similar to yours. Sometimes with diced leftover mixed vegetables or mushrooms and onion. Sometimes with a little cheese too. Rarely do I have bacon, that sounded so good. 🙂
    Show me some love!


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