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Saturday Night Shout Out – Finding Your Voice (#winwithebooks Guest Post by B.K. Walker)

B.K. Walker is another great author that Win With eBooks is promoting for the March 15-18th event. Today I am going thrilled to offer you this great piece she has passed on for me to share with all of you! SO site back and enjoy!

So You wanna be a writer? Read on, Ms. Walker has some great advice!

Finding Your Voice – Can You Be The Writer You’ve Always Wanted to Be?

I’ve worked with many authors and writers over the last couple of years. It amazes me the talent that I constantly come across. I’m not talking just mediocre talent, I’m talking the next Nora Roberts or Nicholas Sparks kind of talent. I’ve helped authors and writers in many different aspects of writing and marketing, including interviews where I ask authors advice, and what they wished they knew before hand.

As many of you know, I interview authors live on Blog Talk Radio at my very own show called BK Media Entertainment. This is where I get down to the nitty gritty of writing and try to get as many answers in as many forms as I can.

One comment I’m always getting told is, “I’ve always wanted to write, I just don’t know where to start.” The advice from the authors I interview that is always said in one way or another, “Just write.” I recently read a book and interviewed the author, Write-A-Thon:Write Your Book in 26 Days (and live to tell about it) by Rochelle Melander. Her advice was simple. “Just show up everyday.

So you want to be a writer, but can you be the writer you’ve always dreamed to be?


You have ideas swirling through your mind. Tons of them. You like vampires, or a good murder mystery, you just don’t know how you’re going to get started, let alone find time in between running kids to soccer, going to school plays, cleaning the house, and cooking dinner.


If you’re serious about writing a book, the first place to start is getting your ideas to paper, or into the computer. Jot them down, whatever they are. It doesn’t matter how silly they seem or far fetched they are, just write them down. They are your ideas, nobody ever has to see them. EVER!

Once you have some ideas out there, go read a book. If you want to write about vampires and werewolves, read a paranormal, there are tons of them out there. You could go for Laurel K Hamilton’s Anita Blake Series, LJ Smith’s Vampire Diaries, or even Stephenie Meyers’ Twilight Series. If you want to write a good mystery, read some JD Robb or James Patterson.

After you get a feel for what the genre is about, jot down some more ideas. Now your ideas should start falling into place, and you can actually see your characters and plot developing right before your minds eye.

What’s your next move?

Simple. Start writing your story. Don’t worry about where it’s going, and don’t worry about what people might think, just write. Keep writing everyday. Soon you will see it forming a decent plot, characters are developing even stronger in your mind and maybe even trying to tell their own story.

Carry a journal or small notebook with you at all times. You just never know when another idea for your story will jump out at you. If you can write it down, you won’t forget it.

As you continue to write, the words keep growing and the pages keep getting longer. It feels good doesn’t it? You’re actually reaching one of your dreams.

Next, as you settle into the added routine of writing, decide when you are at your best, and pick that time each day to write. Then, just do it, and keep at it.

Before you know it, your book will be complete and you will be ready for edits and revisions.

Congratulations! You’re now an author!



Saturday Night Shout Out - Finding Your Voice (#winwithebooks Guest Post by B.K. Walker)

B.K. Walker is working as a Pediatric Home Care Nurse, and has had a love for reading and writing since she was a child. She currently has two novels published, Death Upon Me, which is a dramatic romance, and Dares And Dreams, a paranormal romance. She is currently working on a few projects and is hoping for their release in Fall of 2010 to early Spring of 2011. B.K. also runs several blogs, where she hosts author interviews and organizes virtual book tours for other authors, helping them to promote and market their work. She lives in Pennsylvania with her three children, a Pitbull named Rancid, a Dachshund named Sadie, and a goldfish named Albert.


Saturday Night Shout Out - Finding Your Voice (#winwithebooks Guest Post by B.K. Walker)Keara Crosby had the perfect life. Her family was not hurting for anything. When her parents are suddenly killed, Keara must learn to live without them. After mourning their death for two months, Keara starts to live again. She follows her favorite band, hangs with her best friend Jared, and falls for the new kid on the block.

When her favorite band is playing at Night Secrets, a new club downtown, she takes her first outing since her parents death and finds this mysterious boy watching her. Mesmerized by his lapus blue eyes, she can’t help but feel drawn to him. Her body responds to him in ways she never thought possible, and she needs to figure out why. What is it about Channing that has her yearning for his touch?

Not only is Keara drawn to Channing, but the owner of Night Secrets seems to be drawn to her. Giving her special treatment, she can’t help but wonder what he’s hiding, and the sense she’s seen him before. When she’s attacked in the parking lot, her world turns inside out, literally. Keara will soon learn that secrets of the night, just may be the death of her.

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  1. I never wanted to be a writer but after reading your blog now I do! I’m not sure the world is ready for me and my attitude! I do like your blog though, I can’t believe you read so many books, I thought I did! I found you on WEEMPOWRU I’m your newest follower. I’m Natalie from

    • Thank you! And thanks for putting your link in! I scan my spam because links tend to get caught in there and I am glad I did! Your page is open for me to read now! If you want to win a book don’t forget to go back a few posts from earlier last night and you can do the giveaway I posted on WEEMPOWERU!

  2. Great motivational piece for new and established writers alike. Thanks for sharing.


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