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journaling, exhibitionism and peeping toms…today’s blogging world

This morning as I lay snuggled under my blankets my brain started thinking about why I blog more than I journal. I used to write in my journal at least three times a day, in fact I have several different journals from Dream journals, to book ideas, haiku and poetry journals and therapeutic journals to help with my inner demons.

journaling, exhibitionism and peeping's blogging worldI had a thought pop into my pre-coffee brain about blogging vs. traditional journaling and how I am not the only one that has been remiss in this habit. When did that become something we USED to do? Sure I still write, with a real pen that has ink even, in a journal. But I also know that being a tad of an exhibitionist I have also become a person who seemingly has no issues talking about any aspect of my personal life online. Though due to my wonderful man reminding me to be careful I have gotten better at just what I share, and so should you!

journaling, exhibitionism and peeping's blogging worldThe internet has smoothed the road and made it OK to be narcissistic and an exhibitionist all in one full swoop and a button marked PUBLISH. In fact blogging as created a new form of exhibitionism that rivals dancing naked in the rain (something I am known to do). But people like me should be thinking before we hit the publish button, we do not know who maybe peaking in through our virtual blinds when we discuss those dirty little secrets or post a picture of our latest antics with bacon.

journaling, exhibitionism and peeping's blogging worldThink about this instance: You just got the little ones to bed. It is a private family affair in which you may share with your mom or your sister on the phone the next morning over a cup of coffee. Your littlest ones were making funny hair with shampoo in their nightly bath,

Yes Mom, I got pictures! Sure I will send them to you as soon as I get them developed…oh about a week!

Today that conversation could easily go down like this:

Yes Mom, I took photos, I put them up on the blog and over on Facebook! Oh I also sent a few to my instagram stream if you look at your phone later they will be there!

English: Two children enjoying a bubble bath

Now ask yourself this before you hit publish to the wonderful family blog you set up making it easy to share your photos and stories with the family world. Would you show the latest pictures of your kids bubble bath antics with the creepy guy across the server in Greenland? You know THAT guy (pointing virtually) the one eating the Cheese Danish, dripping crumbs across the expanse of his belly with a stack of child pornography sitting on his desk!? OF course not, you just wanted to be able to post that photo to show just how cute your kids are to everyone in your family! It is INNOCENT, as are the innocent posts you write about your spouses habits, or your own bacon fetish… forget about possession being 9/10ths of the law, what about interpretation and instances people?

journaling, exhibitionism and peeping's blogging world


No longer do we think of airing our dirty laundry, because we are not sitting across from them in Denny’s in fact some of our readers are people we would be more inclined to obtain restraining orders against than share what we had for tea that day! When waxing rhapsodic on the spoils of our latest crawl on ebay for buttons to add to the collection or the latest personal product you got at your local drug store to help with that itching do not forget your reach is over 100,000+ potential reader.

journaling, exhibitionism and peeping's blogging world

Porn Addict Robot by P-Toons

It probably is NOT OK to discuss how your partner sits in his underwear watching YouTube all night on his or her phone or has serious Internet porn addiction (this is NO WAY is directed at my ManBeast Geoff, he does not have an Internet porn addictionWhen you learn about how to blog, (yes you can go to school for that Mary Margaret) at least from the stand point of a journalist, you learn how to use your post as tool to get your message/news across to the largest audience in the quickest and direct fashion. You want to add links, to make sure your readership wants to come back (unlike this post is turning out to be, this is what happens when the muse hits you as you are waking up, it is a fantastic idea but as the brain works up and starts thinking to much it becomes muddles and overlapped with more ideas and therefore becoming a quagmire of words that your readers must wade through who more than likely have had more coffee than you have when you wrote this.. I digress) You want them to hear what you have to say. But you do not want them to hear what the secretary across the pit did with her boyfriend last night, censor yourself, add a filter to your fingers people. Not just for the safety of yourself but because honestly I do not want to know what you did last night with your boy-toy in fact even if I did, you posting it about it on your blog that I go to read about what is going on in your neck of the woods, or what you put into your chili or what book you just read. There are places for bedroom antics to be read about, and it is not at your typical Wordress blog (please I behoove you).

journaling, exhibitionism and peeping's blogging worldWe share our blogs to so many people who we will never know, who in fact have been peaking through the window into our “homes” while we dress for the day or dress down for bed our content will be interpreted by people who we would never share a cup of coffee let alone what color is your bra?! I know how hard this is, I am constantly having to remind myself not to share certain things with my readers because it could very well be interpreted completely wrong or lead to someone finding out specifics about me which I again would not share with the world or even Geoff at times, but I would write, with a pen that has ink in-between the pages of once was something we hid under our mattresses from our parents and little brothers.

journaling, exhibitionism and peeping's blogging worldSure we can write certain personal things, funny to us and every day occurrences that happen when the kids take baths, but again filter those fingers. Sometimes we want to reach as many people as we can as fast as the word can travel. So talk about your day, share your funny stories be creative original and try to be careful how you tell the story. It will make you a better writer. It will make for an entertaining blog to follow and it will keep things a bit more secure and safe at the homestead! This is only the tip of the iceberg, there many other reasons you should not discuss certain things, but for now think about the above because my friends we with a new world-wide technological frontier with everyone watching us as we eat, sleep and undress feeding Peeping Tom’s in our Interverse when we discuss the specifics of our lives and we do not think twice about how dangerous it could be. I hope this makes you think twice, I know just writing it will remind me before I send the next photo of that sexy, greased up… slippery and oozing picture of the BLT I plan on making for lunch… 

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  1. And THAT is why my blog and my personal writing are not quite the same. Ha! 🙂

    • Very cute LOL YEP that is why!

  2. Very good post! And very unnerving – but in a very good awareness raising way!

  3. I’ve tried to lock down access as much as I can. I have a private family blog that only goes out to family and friends. On my other blog I have to decide what I don’t mind sharing about my personal life and I decided that working out, food, books, and movies and the occasional personal tidbit. I have a fake phone number hehe to get messages and I had to share the city, but hey, there’s a million people here to look through. 🙂 You do have to think about it and decide what and remember – if you’d be embarrassed if your mother saw it, you probably shouldn’t show it to anyone!

  4. hello.

    the porn addict robot is my creation please mark it ;0)
    have fun.


    • Sorry it came up as Creative Commons in Wiki, will sure do! But it is in the meta tag and embedded with your stuff! Sorry again!

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