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Would you lay down & die? (Hunger Games read-a-long chapter 12 & cooking rabbit on a spit!)

The Hunger Games read-a-long chapter 12 review+ directions on cooking rabbit on a spit over a campfire!

So far we ‘ve been treated to a taste of what the Tributes have to deal with. Sure a bunch are dead now, but it is also time for our girl to shine. She certainly does seem like she has a handle on it, despite the fact she did not listen to Haymitch and RUN full tilt for the hills, but it was  good thing, she did get a good backpack with a warm sleeping bag in it! Another smart thing was  using a belt to secure herself to the tree or the Career Tributes would have had her dead in seconds as she  would have landed right in their laps!

Chapter 12 was full of surprising twists! Why was Peeta with the Career tributes? Why is he bloodied and bruised? Why hasn’t he told the Career tributes how she got her 11 score? These are all things Katniss ponders in under 3 minutes as Peeta goes back to finish off the District 8 girl.

This chapter shows just how serious the situation is, and how this is just a game that is being played for the masses. How she must keep a reign on her emotions and mask what she is truly feeling in case her sister Prim and the rest of District 12 is watching. (Well that and she does not want to give the satisfaction to the Gamemakers with the cameras on).

She hikes with the rabbit she was smart enough to cook in the coals of the dead girls fire pit , masking her emotions and becoming more and more dehydrated. (ever had to do this? Just in case you do have to read up on how to cook a rabbit on a spit over a campfire with these the guys from Natural Bush Craft! See I am giving ya a recipe!)

As night falls she hasn’t found water but manages to have the foresight to climb a tree to sleep in relative safety. She has avoided eating possibly poisonous berries, manages to have cooked a rabbit but if she does not find water soon she is going to die and not at anyones hand but fates.

When she finally remembers that Haymitch may have found sponsors and asks for water, only to be ignored she ALSO is able to keep her wits about her realizing it must be because Haymitch knows she is near it…till she falls down ready to die… in the coolness of mud. Is she blessed with good Karma? Is she lucky or has her fathers lessons with living off the land and her years of having to keep her family alive finally started to truly pay off.

What would you do if faced with death? Would you give up? Would you keep going? Do you think you would be able to keep your wits about what was going on without laying down to die? These are hard questions to ponder, but ones that I think this book brings up that can be applied to what the youth of today are put through. They face daily “games” having them choose things that could later on mean life or death of not just their body, but their spirit. What would you do? Lay down and die, or keep on pushing forward? 

(Interested in jumping in and following along as we get ready for the movie release of this blockbuster book? Check out Howling Turtles list of blogs to follow for The Hunger Games Read-A-Long. Challenges, questions and a great discussion!)



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  1. Such a great post! thank-you so much for sharing.

    I would push-on, definitely go go go for me because you never know what could be around the corner 😉

    Sharon @ Obsession with Books

  2. I guess I should answer my own question. As a kid if you asked me if I would give up, I may have just done that. Now at this time in my life I would not give up because I have learned that giving up is never a real option in life. But as a kid, this kind of example is why I think this book is one of the great ones and I am very glad to see it being taught in the schools! My daughter got the series in hardback for her birthday and she is so excited. She had borrowed the first two from the library but like her Mamma she loves to own the books she knows she will read over and over and over!

  3. I would withdraw inside my mind and just continue. Like Sharon said, you never know what’s around the corner. 🙂

  4. I would push through–there are always opportunities and I would hope that one would present itself and I would be able to take advantage of it.



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