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I’ll GET you my Pretty And your little zombie dog too! (Picture Puzzle)

DAY 2 WRAP UP- 11:31 PM

As midnight draws near.. I have lost a shoe, killed 23 zombies, one little zombie dog (it was a chihuahua they don’t count as dogs anyway) and stomped on 3 zombie mice. One managed to stay clean of scratches or bites. When it comes for him to deal with the pumpkin as a carriage he better get some more homies because the next time I need to be able for it to stay ahead of the horde. As it stands one of my evil step sisters managed to get my glass slipper and last time I saw her John was throwing pepper in her face while she sat there sucking on the spiked heel. All in all it was a great day! BRING on Day 3 of the Wicked Winter Read-A-Thon!

My goal was to finish ‘The Hunger Games‘ by Suzanne Collins and get started on ‘Double Take Tales‘ by Donna Brown. I accomplished both and before Midnight, even with my little nap!  Zombie killing is hard work!

‘The Hunger games’ is for the Howling Turtle Read-a-long I am involved in this month, including hosting a chapter question on the 20th. It is going to be really hard to make sure I stay on track and only answer from the chapter hosts questions that pertain to their chapters!

Double Take Tales‘ is written by one of the hosts and creators of Win With eBooks and also part of this months Event for the group. I wanted to be able to read and review another book for the event which starts officially on the 12th with guest posts, interviews and reviews going out till then.

I cannot wait to find out what we have in store for us tomorrow!



I had read another 183 pages in both ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Double Take Tales


Challenge 6 – 8PM – 12AM EST | Guess the Title – Picture Puzzle | Michelle @ Book Briefs



Make a post with your picture puzzle and then come back here and comment on this post.Be sure to leave your email address/or twitter/or some way for me to contact you. Let me know if you are US or international. Also leave a link to your post or picture title.
OK I can do this.. but how can I top the zombies storming the Wicked Winter Ball? I mean John and I had a blast taking out all the caterer zombies! On our way back to the Nightside we ended  up having to  DOUBLE TAP Snow and Sleepy went ape shit! Apparently all that energy he never used came out once he was turned! He became a runner! It was almost as bad as the zombie chipmunks my friend over on days with the undead had to deal with a while back.
But first I need to see if I can figure out the host’s challenge picture puzzle.. hmm HAH I just bought this book! EASY PEASY PUDDIN’ and PIE!


Don't Breath a Word by Holly Cupala

Don't Breath a Word by Holly Cupala

Here is my entry

Below is a BONUS BOOK!




I know I am showing off  and getting fancy doing the Authors name too!! I couldn’t resist!


OK you guys ready for my bonus book? I think it is really self-explanatory! Since this is all about having a WICKED WINTER Read-a-Thon.. and being that I am the Queen of Zombie hunting out here lost in the woods of Alaska…. I had to give it a bit of a Tundra Twist! Come on, this one is easy, I have already hinted around BIG TIME! It is NOT on the list of books on the hosts site.

GET READY… GET SET… GO GO GADGET! Bring it on Ladies and Gents! EVERYONE can guess! If you do not want to answer in the comments below, go ahead and TWEET me or FACEBOOK me or EMAIL ME!

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  1. Hi Kriss!

    Thanks for the mention on this post 🙂 I totally have no idea what book your puzzle is referring to! I’m completely lost LOL


  2. I got the first one by cheating! (looking back at the list) I think the second may be Winter Witch? (not that I have heard of that book)


    • Nope! *GRIN* The first world is in the picture..and there are filler words in between but how do you show things like ‘an’ or the’ or ya… What is the first one?


  1. forget zombies…ice age’s greatest challenge: the wicked winter witch (a short story) - [...] I’ll GET you my Pretty And your little zombie dog too! (#WWReadathon Picture Puzzle) ( [...]

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