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Alaskan Cinderella is late for the Wicked Winter Ball!

Alaskan Cinderella is late for the Wicked Winter Ball!

Wicked Winter Read-A-Thon As part of the Wicked Winter Read-a-thon I was invited to attend
Is a formal affair and I could bring a guest and since the man-beast is working, I had to make sure my choice as gorgeous and prepared in case of  a zombie outbreak. (They are well known to have a taste for meat wrapped up in ball gowns and tuxes

Wicked Winter Read-a-Thon – Challenge 4

Alaskan Cinderella is late for the Wicked Winter Ball!

The Bride looked lovely in blood, brains and her handy dandy Shotgun!

Well my zombie blood and brains covered dress of course! You did not think I was late because I was still asleep and my mice forgot to wake me! No! But I am sorry I did not have time to change, but if you need zombies taken care so none of the guests are eaten, just let me know I am locked and loaded for DOUBLE TAP action!  







My Knight in a Shining White Trench Coat

My Knight in a Shining White Trench Coat

I was able to talk John Taylor into being my date, and not get shot by his soon to be wife. Shotgun Suzie didn’t take me out even after I won that arm wrestling challenge hands down!  (score one for the Tundra Tart)Knowing the chances of the zombies reaching the ball after turning the dwarfs & Snow White,  I knew John would be PERFECT! He looked so damn hot in his white trench coat & Excalibur. And, since he hates guns, he was prepared to slow anything that came our way with is stash of pepper packets! He can throw it in their faces and while they are pawing at their rotting flesh, I can do the head shots.  (This came in handy when the turned caterers came at us out of their vans!) All in all it was a GRAND time!


Contemplative Chef Zombie

Wicked Winter Ball Casualty

Of course there were some zombies that beat me to the punch by sneaking into the kitchens. I apologize I didn’t get there in time, this dress is a bitch to move around in!



CHALLENGE  FIVE was  Wicked Cover Lover | Christy @ Love of Books

I had to figure out from small thumbnails what the book covers they belonged too. Through hunting and clicking I found four. I ended up straining my eyes, and as you all know this is a no-no for me! So I gave up and am going back to reading @ 1:45PM ALASKA time.

format Kindle Edition (edit)
I’m on page 234 of 374 of The Hunger Games: 140 pages to go!! #WWReadathon— 0 minutes ago — update status
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  1. Love the zombie-ness 🙂

  2. Awesome Kriss! Loved it!

  3. Lol, I gotta say I love your dress and date. You’ll be the center of attention I’m sure!

    • Thanks!! HEH the funny thing is the dress from the cover is up to sign up and win. I linked the contest entry to today’s post about the read a thon LOL

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