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Wicked Winter Read-A-Thon Gone Wild! (DAY 1)

Realizing that I am WAY behind where I usually am with reading I needed some motivation. Now that I am writing my own book as you have noticed I am balancing my blogging habits between Cooking/Recipes, Book Reviews and Author Interviews/Guest Posts, and (of course) anything Alaskan! Since it is called Wicked Winter Read-a-Thon how could I pass it up!

The Cowboy and The Vampire

I read a lot of blog posts due to my Triberr members and this morning on Musings for an Addicted Reader posted the info about this weekends challenge.Yep I am hooked. I am challenging myself to read four books. I picked up The Cowboy and The Vampire by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall  after sitting on 80% way to long. Not because I didn’t like it but because I am not very good at organizing my time or my book buying problem. I finished it during lunch while taking my writing break. (Now it is sitting in my  ’need to review’ pile!)

You can check out the books I am reading below and the progress I am on my Wicked Winter Read-a-Thon bookshelf. I am unable to put up one of them because the author has yet to list it. But it is in my Favorite Widget from Amazon below. Check out all the info and get involved. I know I needed a kick in the pants, PLUS the button was so pretty!

I will be posting my challenge updates from here so check back if you are interested in what I am doing!

*****WRAP UP ON DAY ONE! I am 49% of my way through ‘The Hunger Games‘ and as I mentioned above I finished ‘The Cowboy and The Vampire’ I am still reading as I need to finish this before I sleep, at least that is the plan.. see you TOMORROW!*****

Will you participate? Look for my updates here and on twitter under the hashtag #WWReadathon! Hope to see you all there, don’t forget to bring your mittens! 

  1. The first challenge I participated in spoke to my Alaskan soul!

“A second Ice Age is coming on quickly! What do you do in order to prepare and how do you end up surviving it?”  

(posted as a comment on Musings for an Addicted Reader)

“OH I may have a very unfair advantage here. I live in Alaska and just survived posting in my bikini in front of the Universities sign at -52F! Let’s see, can I give you a list of what is in my car for cold weather survival? No? OK I will be original here but use my survivalists training! My spinning tool for spinning our Malamutes’ (dog)hair to make new winter wear, a hunting knife, a Swiss army knife, canned tuna in oil (we need high protein and high fat to help keep our health up in the cold, a hand ax for wood and kindling, flint and a strike stone, water proof matches, Wool socks, wool hat, wool sweater, and tons of natural fiber weaved clothing (synthetics do not breath so I will not as much natural stuff as possible) bow and arrow and a snare trap, rope, oiled tarp, flour, salt (for curing) wool blanket, skijoring gear for my dogs and me for travel… set of camping pans and cooking gear (cabin goddess must cook)dried veggies.. ok ok I WILL STOP, but there are some of the important things to have!?


  1. The second challenge I participated in: Last Update at 5:46 PM

Challenge & Giveaway: Welcome into the Unknown [Wicked Winter Read-a-thon]

Take a photo of your reading space/corner, the place where you’re blogging from right now – and make it fun!

This was a hard one because where I read is usually in bed with a book light or on the couch, which is boring. BUT when I can I spend time outside even in the winter. When I saw the title of the read-a-thon I knew it was for this Alaskan girl! Today it was only -9 and we had heavy snow in the morning but I was able to go sit outside for an hour during lunch and finish my first book. When I am outside it is just me, a kindle and my thermos of hot chocolate. But in the summer I am outside reading on the porch in my flip-flops with iced tea and a bowl of raspberries I pick daily from our wild raspberries behind the cabin!

When I came inside I switched back to Hunger Games and continued reading in-between tweeting and editing photos.. but I do take breaks for food and dinner tonight was a BLT because everything is better when bacon is involved!

WIcked Winter Read-A-Thon Alaskan Style


8PM Alaskan Time - Because of the GREAT bookshelves Melissa posted on her BLOG I had to show mine off.. ya ya mine are not as cool I know, but the CAT is, oh and this is how my reading space upstairs looks like when I actually have it picked up.. NOT SHOWING IT today! 

When I want some peace and quiet or a break from working in the office (which is where I took the picture from) I curl up in the chair

The attack cat guards just one wall of books. Being an English Lit graduate I have WAY to many books, hence the Kindle

Another angle with a few more bookshelves. There are four more downstairs!

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  1. Where are all your books LOL all I could focus on was the bacon 🙂 Very cool to see what you’re up to.

  2. glad you joined your reading space!

  3. Love this! I wish I lived in a cabin, but my hubby is more of a warm climate kind of guy. 🙁 Beautiful snow, beautiful bookcase, and beautiful cabin!

    <3 Jess

  4. OMG! It loos SO cozy. o: I love it. And all those books… <3

    • Thank you SO much! It is an 18×24 foot two story cabin. Full second story instead of a loft. It’s been our home for seven years come the fifth!

  5. Love the additional pictures! And in my opinion the cat is always the best part of every pic:)

    I don’t know that I could live where you do…but I would sure love to visit….gorgeous!


  6. I love all the pictures you are posting! I hope you continue this because its really fun. 🙂 You are doing great so far

  7. I am trying to read many more books than I actually can. I recently discovered David Fulmer, who writes mysteries set in my favorite city, New Orleans, during the eighteen nineties. He mixes in real people and events along with his fictional creole detective Valentin Sancerre.


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