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Allie Taylor of J.C. Andrijeski’s ‘Rook’ Talks Coffee

Allie Taylor talks Coffee with the Cabin Goddess

(Leading lady in J.C. Andrijeski’s Book , Rook  – Allie’s War)

J.C. Andrijeski is one of the Authors taking part in February’s WinWithEbooks

Allie Taylor of J.C. Andrijeski's 'Rook' Talks Coffee

Illustration by Allison McClay

Allie Taylor is the leading lady in J.C. Andrijeski’s – Rook and the other Allie’s War series. After reading the book I was struck with her love of coffee, one I share. So I decided to ask Allie  how and why coffee was important to her and as a treat for us she also shares how she makes it!

“Coffee isn’t just that thing that makes it easier for me to get up in the morning…I don’t know if I would get up, to be honest, if it wasn’t for coffee. I know Jon would say that’s because I drink too much or spend too much time out late with Jaden or Nick…or these days, Cass. But the truth is, I’ve always had this thing where I wake up in the middle of the night..partying is actually one of my ways to prevent that. Usually I just get up and draw, for hours sometimes.

Sometimes I draw pictures of people or things I know, but a lot of the time, I draw strangers, and mountains, other places…and that damned pyramid that I’ve been seeing since I was a kid. Then I’ll look up and it’ll be dawn and I have to work the morning shift at Lucky Cat, so I end up grinding up the most expensive roast of African beans I can find in my freezer, pulling out the crumbs sometimes like some kind of drug addict and filling my little electric grinder as best I can. And I really grind those suckers, let me tell you…I grind them down to the finest baby powder, ever since one of my barista friends told me that was the way to really up the caffeine count.

My mother tells me I drink coffee like a German…so strong it would be unbearable for anyone but a Nazi, but with enough cream and sugar in it to make it more like a meal than a beverage. My mom’s kind of weird with her sayings though. Both she and dad are kind of like this fount of weird comparisons and sayings from like the 1950s, even though I know they were born later than that. So yeah. Coffee. I think if every other food group were eradicated from the planet, I would still need that one.”

In honor of her roots at the Lucky Cat Diner and of all the times she served Revik one of her fine cups of coffee, I give you Allie’s Breakfast Grind! Speaking of roots, keep watch for a special guest post from J.C.  on the 5th where she discusses Roots. (and we are not talking the kind they use to make the diner’s fries with!)

Allie's Caffeine Blast
Serves: 3-5 servings depending on the size of your coffee pot and coffee cups
  • ½ cup of San Francisco Coffee Company's Sumatra Beans
  • 2 cups of Whole Milk
  • ½ of Half and Half
  • ½ tsp of Real Vanilla Extract
  • ⅓-1/2 cup sugar
  • ¾ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon ground chili pepper
  1. Grind the beans, crumbs and all, for 5-6 3-5 second blasts. Do not just hold the button down. Click the button and shake the grinder a bit each time to make sure the beans are ground evenly.
  2. Pour ice cold water into a regular old Mr. Coffee (all though we cabin dwellers have a kick but Cuisinart)
  3. Meanwhile, while coffee is brewing, warm milk in a heavy saucepan until it is hot to the touch. (make sure to whip with whisk continuosly so it does not scald. You can also use a double boiler to avoid this. God knows many of us living in cabins have to deal with crappy stoves so again, better safe then sorry!)
  4. Add vanilla whisking until well blended.
  5. Add sugar a gradually, whisking continually then add cinnamon and chili powder, whisking thoroughly.
  6. Continue to heat thoroughly over low-medium heat for another 2 minutes making sure the sugar is completely blended. If coffee is not finished, just cover and take off burner to prevent burning. When ready to add to coffee give it a quick whip with the whisk.
  7. Fill large coffee cup half full of coffee and top off with the heated milk mixture.

Order one of San Francisco’s best online at San Francisco Coffee Company

You can find more on J.C. Andrijeski at Goodreads
To purchase, visit Amazon Kindle

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  1. I am SO going to get the ingredients to make this today…it’s a nice, blustery, cloudy day for it too, with just the faintest hint of snow, so couldn’t be more perfect. THANKS, KRISS! 🙂 I’m posting this wherever I can, I just love it.

  2. I would never have thought about adding chili pepper to coffee. My hubby would kill me! lol


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