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Guest Post – See You In Hell

Guest Post - See You In HellHappy Friday everyone! Well it is now less then 10 days before the fat man is delivering presents! I decided I would start my gift giving to all of you early and what better way to start this is with a wonderful treat from one of the up and coming writers on the Indie scene, Mr. J.W. Williams.  I met this wonderful gentlemen on Twitter and he has brought me many smiles through out the last couple of months. I am lucky to be able to share the prologue of his up and coming  novel, See You In Hell.

Hello. I’m Jim and I write dark urban fantasy. I am presenting here as a teaser, the prologue to my current work in progress, which at this time is titled “See You In Hell” It is the lovely story about a woman who’s a bounty hunter for Hell. I hope you enjoy it. I’m writing as fast as I can to finish the novel.

See You In Hell

By J. Wayne Williams (@WriteTheFantasy)


Sam Martin stood motionless in front of the elevator doors, his partner Mike Lastra stood by his side. Both men had drawn their pistols in preparation for another attack as the floor indicator showed that the elevator had passed the sixth floor and was still climbing. Earlier today their boss, Drug Kingpin Angelo Silva had been the victim of a drive by shooting as they exited a popular restaurant. The entire seventh floor of the Mercy Regional Hospital had been reserved for Mister Silva for security reasons. His men had been assigned to guard all of the exits.

Perspiration began to bead on Sam’s brow, the muscles of his trigger finger tensed ready to fire as the elevator stopped on the seventh floor. The bell chimed and the elevator door slid open revealing a startled woman wearing a white doctor’s smock that was open down the front revealing the dark blue dress she was wearing underneath.

Sam, it’s me.” she gasped, throwing her hands up and taking a step back. Sam exhaled in relief as he hastily lowered his gun.

“It’s okay Mike, that’s Doctor Morrison.” Sam said. “Doc, I’m so glad to see you, but god damn it, why didn’t you call to tell us you were coming up? We could have shot you.” Doctor Morrison was silent for a moment holding one hand on her chest, shaken at having two guns pointed at her.

“I’m sorry Sam.” she said. “I was in such a hurry to see Angelo that I didn’t even think about it until I was already on the elevator. Then when I tried to call, I couldn’t get a signal. How is he?”

Sam lowered his head and sighed. “Not good Doc. He lost a lot of blood. The surgeon on duty, Mike, what the hell was his name?”

“I think it was Doctor Lasseter.”

“Lasseter, right. Doctor Lasseter said he was able to get the bullet out, but the boss slipped into a coma and he didn’t know if he would wake up or not.”

“Oh God no.” Doctor Morrison said. Sam noticed a touch of sadness in her voice. But she gave him a forced smile and put a supportive hand on his shoulder. “I need to look at Angelo’s charts, if there’s any way to save him, you know I’ll find it.”

“You want me to escort you to Angelo’s room Doc?” Sam asked.

“No, it’s alright. You better stay here with Mike and watch the elevator. God knows if the bastards who shot him might want to finish the job.”

Sam nodded as she stepped past them. He watched her as she strutted down the hall. He liked the way her hips swayed back and forth as she walked, and the muscle tone of the back of her legs. She stopped briefly at the nurses station to pickup Angelo’s charts, and then continued down the hall disappearing into his room. Sam took his seat and sat back, crossing his legs at the ankle, trying to relax. Mike swaggered over to the drinking fountain, got a drink and then took a moment to stare down the long empty hall. He nervously ran his hand through his jet black hair.

“Do you really think she can do anything to help Mister Silva?” Mike asked.

“Yeah, she’s been with us for a long time.” Sam said confidently. “If anyone can help him, I’d bet my last dollar it would be her. If she can’t, then it’s all up to God. So you might as well sit down and take it easy.” He looked at his watch. “We still have a few more hours before our relief shows up.”

“Hey, look.” Mike said. “The doc’s coming back.” Sam looked up to see Doctor Morrison walking towards them with a slight smile on her lips.

“That was quick.” Sam thought. He stood up as she approached. “Everything alright Doc?”

“Angelo is still in a coma, but all his vitals signs are strong.” She said. “He still has a lot of brain activity, so I think there’s some real hope for him. Unfortunately I’m not an expert in this area. I need to see Doctor Patrick Foster. He’s a friend of mine teaching at the University. Pat’s been doing extensive research in this area for years.” She stepped up to the elevator and pressed the button for the first floor.

“Do you really think he can help?” Sam asked.

“I really think he can. I’ll try to be back in an hour or two, so hold down the fort.” The elevator door dinged as it slid open.

“Thanks Doc.” Sam called out as the elevator door slid shut. Sam felt some a sense of relief wash over him after seeing Doctor Morrison’s optimism. “I think I need a drink.” He walked over to the water fountain. “You want some Mike? I’m buying.” He joked. Sam felt optimistic that his boss might now have a chance to survive. He brought over another chair and placed it where he could sit down and prop his feet up. He put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. “Keep an eye on things Mike. I’m going to take a nap.”

“Yeah, sure.” Mike said. “Sam, look. The elevators coming up again.”

“What the hell?” Sam yelled. “Nobody else should be using this elevator.” He jumped up when his cell phone rang. He quickly fished it out of his pocket. “Hello?”

“Hi Sam, it’s Doctor Morrison. I got your message about Angelo. I’m coming up.”

Sam looked at his phone confused. “What’s wrong Doc? Did you forget something up here?”

“I’m sorry, what are you talking about Sam?” Doctor Morrison asked puzzled. “I haven’t been up there yet.” The two men watched as the elevator door slid open and Doctor Morrison stepped out, this time dressed in a dark gray pantsuit and her hair was tied up in a bun. Sam and Mike’s eyes locked on each other for an instant, then the three of them stared down the long hall towards Mister Silva’s room as the alarms of his monitoring equipment began to sound.


  1. Love it! I knew I would! After having read a sample of Jim’s work & enjoying it immensely, I’ve been so excited to read this prologue.

    Thanks for posting this guest blog from Jim, Kriss. I had the honor of ‘meeting’ him recently on Twitter & I can truly say he’s one of those treasures to be found in the Twitterverse, as are you (and your mutant polar bear, too), Kriss. 😀

  2. Thanks Alaskan mama! Thanks for giving me an outlet to read my Blue Tigers work! I consider him very special to me and quickly becomming one if the ppl I look for everytime I sign in! Hes a great talent! Id buy every copy if I could <3

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