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Make Life Easier with Basic Prepping of Food

Make Life Easier with Basic Prepping of FoodAnything that makes life easier to live is a plus no matter where you live, but especially while living in a cabin! It is easy to fall off the wagon and eat prepared foods, canned foods and anything you can zap in a microwave. Don’t get me wrong, I love my microwave, but many cabin’s do not have an area like we do, or space (especially counter space) for one! So we have to deal with cooking or we can get stuck in that awful habit of calling 456-5656 or frozen crap pizza! I for one do not want to do that anymore!

When I was raising the horde of kids, I always did 2 week cooking. I cooked and prepped all my ingredients, meats, and baking mixes for a two week meal plan. It made life so much easier when feeding seven people. I slacked when it was just two of us. But now that I have this health kick, and I am trying to bring our food budget down because we REALLY need more cash to buy a new truck, it is essential to life here in the cabin of dreams!

You do not need to be a cabin dweller to take note of this. It really is a great way whether your cooking for your own huge family, just for one or two folks or to even have emergency food ready to be released to the oven when you just do not know what to cook!

I always buy the bigger packages of meat and poultry. It means cheaper by the pound. You have a freezer? Use it!

What you need too start:

  • Ziploc baggies
  • large cutting board
  • Ulu or large knife
  • a variety of marinates
  • freezer (ya this will help!)
  • meat/poultry & veggies

Make Life Easier with Basic Prepping of FoodNow start with the veggies you can freeze! Onions, peppers, carrots and even mushrooms… don’t do tomatoes, that is just a waste. Think of the cellular density and freeze away! Especially your zucchini! Up here in Alaska we get tons of the stuff, I freeze a bunch for Winter. I also do peas, I make sure that if I have not grown them I pick up huge bags at the Farmers Market when they have them and shuck away! I even freeze ears of corn, cheaper and much better then the frozen ears at the market! You can even season them if you want, I don’t usually, but when I make my rice bowls  I do because it makes life REALLY easy because my rice is added to this as well!

With the chicken breasts I usually get anywhere from 5-8 Ziploc bags of tenders because I pre-chop and make them into meal sizes we will eat. Usually I make individual servings because at times it is just me, and if Geoff is home I will take out two baggies. (Oh I recycle baggies three times each for the ones I freeze meat in so I am not wasting if I only put one serving each). Before sealing I generally add marinates. This is a really good trick to use, because as the food defrosts, it is marinated and the marinate will be OK to use as a basting sauce, where as it isn’t if it is marinated all day in it.

With the steaks I do not cut up, but I do add marinate to the bags, plus I always just put one per steak. With chuck/buffalo  I cube for stews or with buffalo roasts I will slice steaks! Marinates are easy. You can buy pre-made ones, but the easiest marinate for beef that is mild and you can kick up a notch at will is steak sauce or BBQ sauce, soy sauce and rice or white wine vinegar. I add ginger, garlic, red pepper and sometimes basil. But it is a pretty basic mix, and again all personal preferences. Another easy one is basic Italian dressing. Nothing is more simple or cheap! Just buy a store brand if you do not want to make it yourself and add to poultry, meat or fish!

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