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I Cthulhu, by Neil Gaiman ` a MUST read for all Lovecraftians!

I Cthulhu, by Neil Gaiman ` a MUST read for all Lovecraftians!Cthulhu, they call me. Great Cthulhu. Nobody can pronounce it right. Are you writing this down? Every word? Good. Where shall I start…mm? Very well, then. The beginning. Write this down, Whateley. [READ MORE]

This is a short store by the great Neil Gaiman. The banner links to his Cool Stuff page on his blog, a must peruse, and the link leads directly to the short story. He has many others also! He and his gorgeous wife. Amanda F. Palmer have fun blogs.


  1. Love it! Droll! Thanks for pointing this out!

    • NOT a problem! he has tons of stuff on his page. I follow him on twitter. Got to even talk to him during a web-interview! Plus I am a HUGE Amanda F. Palmer fan, his wife. Such a stalker.. hahaha

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