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When it rains…Kriss Grabs the soap!

It is pouring rain right now and it is dark out so what does the Cabin Bitch/Goddess do? She grabs her towel, scrubby, lavender biodegradable bath gel and eucalyptus shampoo. Again biodegradable and stands just under the edge of the roof so the already powerful downpour has better water pressure then most showers. Is she crazy? Perhaps, she is talking in third person after all.

But seriously folks, you learn to lose a little of your modesty and take advantage of cleaning oneself when you can. The University has you wearing flip-flops in case of fungus. The laundromats are clean, especially B&C (they clean after every person), but they cost around $5, have limited time, crappy water pressure and you never know if there will be hot water!

So I have that very refreshed cleansed feeling you have after a brisk camping shower, am soaked in red apple body butter and layered essential oils on the ends of my hair.

So before you think I am a dirty exhibitionist, whether I am or not, think that when you live like I do, you take advantage of all the opportunities that Mother Nature throws, or in this case, dumps on you!!

AND if you think I am the old dirty hippy that does it THINK AGAIN! (though these guys wore SHORTS.. I was NAKED BABY!

But they were wearing shorts!


Kriss Weekley Assign #2 Enviromental Portrait

Kriss Weekley Assign #2 Enviromental Portrait (Photo credit: akmamma)


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