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Anchorage Crafting! Geoff schleps porn, I craft win win!


Pridefest 2010 (Photo credit: akmamma)

OK So I have not just been sitting on my ass, blogging, tweeting, and playing on Farmville (yes I admit it!) I have been working on my beading! I have one small tool with me that I packed in middle of my clothes in one of my suitcases. So considering only one tool, and I picked up a few beads down here at the Bead Shack across from Title Wave Books on Northern Lights BLVD.  A must visit for me when I come down here.  So here are some of the other things I do when I craft my little manic heart off! These are my creations from today!

“A few of the things I made today with the beads Geoff bought me in Anchorage!”

From Anchorage Crafting, posted by Kriss Morton-Weekley on 7/09/2010 (6 items)

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ANC Pridefest 2010  (Photo credit: akmamma)


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Anchorage Crafting! Geoff schleps porn, I craft win win!

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  1. Those are awesome! I like number 4 the best, green goes with my hair 🙂

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